Every winter, when I was growing up back East, we’d get those warnings of  The Big Blizzard of 19__. Kids would be ecstatic because they knew they’d be getting off school. Adults would stress out because they’d have to be driving in those conditions. And invariably, The Great Grocery Panic* would set in. Everyone rushed to the store to hoard lunchmeat, bread, milk, and TP, like Armageddon was approaching. Same thing when I lived in Key West during hurricane season. And don’t get me started on the lines at the gas stations! Whether people were evacuating, or just stocking up for their generators, it was always nuts.

Well, I kind of felt like that today. I finally emerged from my holiday hibernation (yesterday didn’t count; it was Monday,) and decided to do something productive. It was time to hit up the grocery store. One cannot live on mimosas and crudite forever. (Or, can they?) Man, the parking lot was packed! I was concerned about trying to find a close parking spot because of the rain, but I was lucky enough to find a parking spot. And, I swear, the people that were in there were behaving like they had never seen food before, let alone been in a grocery store.

Fortunately, I had a list. I got everything I needed, and was OUT of there. Hopefully,  we are now well-supplied so I don’t have to go back until “normal” weather returns…




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