Take it Easy


I feel like certain songs, music, certain scents, flavors, and more can transport you back in time. To an era, or even to a specific day. Don’t  worry, I’m not going to turn this into an In Memoriam blog, but I do feel like I need to mention the passing of Glenn Frey. I read an article that claims (for the people who grew up in the 70’s,) “the death of Frey — and earlier this month the death of David Bowie — comes as a reality check, a resounding reminder that the days of “Take it Easy” and the promise of “One of these Nights” are long behind us. Instead, music, the blood of our youth, has somehow been replaced by mortgages, credit cards, spouses, children, divorces, alimony, expanding waistlines and diminished dreams.” I’m not sure I agree with the second part of that, but I definitely understand the nostalgia behind the first part.

I grew up listening to The Eagles. I’m not sure if it was my Mom or my Dad who was a big fan (I think Mom.) I remember listening to their early songs on the big turntable inside the cabinet that resided in our “formal” living room. Or sitting on the floor of the back seat on a road trip, with the 8-track jammed into the player. And I remember being so excited as a young adult, lounging in the grass of the amphitheater, awaiting the commencement of their When Hell Freezes Over tour.

That same article asks if, in mourning Frey, we are mourning our lost selves. I don’t feel that little girl from the 70’s is “lost.” She lives on in me, as does the music of my youth…






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