Sometimes, you have to leave BS, and journey out into the big, scary city (OK, not so scary.) And last night, Mr. and I did just that. I (successfully) surprised him with tickets to the Lakers/Clippers game for his birthday. We had a bite to eat and some adult beverages at LA Live, then wandered over to the Staples Center for the game.

Here’s the thing, I’m not really a basketball fan. I have never been to a live game. When Mr. watches games on TV, I can barely pay attention. I thought I was going to be really bored, but was willing to be because I wanted to give Mr. a great present. Here’s the other thing, I had fun! When the crowd gets going, and music is playing, and you have great seats, it’s almost exhilarating. Plus, all of the extracurricular activities they have going on during commercial breaks and such just makes the time fly by!

So, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone every now and then. But, as we recuperate relax on the sofa today, Mr. is watching the Lakers Hardball Classic from 1996. um, I don’t think I’m readyΒ for this much basketball…




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