Love Bug


I (finally!) picked up my car yesterday from the dealership. As I was leaving, the mechanic wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day. Mr. and I were walking home from brunch yesterday, I mentioned this to him, and told him I thought it was kind of odd. I didn’t think people did that. I mean, maybe Merry Christmas or Happy Thanksgiving. But I don’t think I’ve heard Happy President’s Day, or Happy Arbor Day. He assured me, it’s a “thing.”

I thought about it, and I agreed that I might wish a good friend Happy Valentine’s Day, or my brother, for sure. But not, say the neighbor I could see up on his balcony across the street. Yet, as we crossed the street and neared our apartment, Neighbor greeted us with, “Hi! Happy Valentine’s Day!” And I said it right back.

So, however you are spending today – be it with a Valentine, Palentine, Galentine, family, or enjoying a day by yourself – have a Happy Valentine’s Day! And, spread the love…



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