Have you or anyone you know had that nasty bug that’s been going around CA? Mr. and I have both had it (fortunately not at the same time, so we have been able to take care of each other.) I’ve had it like 3-4 weeks, now and I know I still have a couple of weeks ahead of me. This thing hangs on FOR.EV.ER. I swear, all I have been doing is going to work and sleeping! Well, I’m starting to get a little cabin fever. I thought it might be nice to get out for a bit, and I think I know just the place!

Belmont Brewing Company is right around the corner, and has great Happy Hour specials Monday – Friday from 3:00 to 6:00. They have deals on their beer and their food. They have everything from calamari, to potstickers, to wings, or tacos, and it’s all delicious! Not on their HH menu, but their lobster bisque is really yummy. I feel like I have it every time I go. And, their beer, well this is a brewery! They have like 4-5 beers that they brew in house  Literally right in front of you if you sit at the bar. Don’t like beer? Want to enjoy a beautiful sunset? Don’t worry, I got your back. They have wine and cocktails. They have a gorgeous outdoor patio with a view of the ocean, the beach, the pier, and the bike path.

So, yes I’m still sick. But maybe a little walk and a brewski or three will help me feel better…






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