I know I have said on numerous occasions that I’m not a “sweets” person, or I don’t like sweets. I lied. Sometimes, I really enjoy a chocolatey treat. And a cupcake is just the size to do the trick. Frosted Cupcakery is right on 2nd Street, just a quick jaunt away. And trust me, they have AH.MAY.ZING cupcakes! I’m always a sucker for chocolate, but I’ve also sampled their carrot cake one (Mr.’s favorite,) lemon, something with toffee, and probably a few others. They always have a flavor of the month; Drinking Buddy would probably kill for their apple cinnamon one.

They bake the cupcakes right there in the store, so they are fresh every day. You can get a single cupcake, or 3-4, or a dozen. You can even call ahead if you need to order more than two dozen. They have birthday candles, sweet mini messages on a toothpick, and cute little boxes, if you want to give someone a special goodie. So next time you’re out and about and you need a little pick-me-up, check out this place. You won’t regret it…



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