Happy National Puppy Day! This one must be official, they have a website and everything 😉    But, seriously, this is the 10th Anniversary of Puppy Day. This day not only celebrates the unconditional love that puppies bring into our lives, but it also is a wonderful opportunity to adopt a needy dog and give them a chance at a happy life they might not have had otherwise.

We actually never had a dog growing up. My mom was reportedly allergic, but I secretly think maybe she was just worried that my brother and I wouldn’t properly care for the puppy, and she’d be stuck with all of the work. But that’s just crazy talk! Who doesn’t love puppies?! They’re an instant mood lifter. I have a step-pup; she belongs to a good friend of mine who I was roommates with when I first moved out to California. She goes BERSERK any time she sees me. It’s amazing! She’s still my baby.

So celebrate Puppy Day and the happiness puppies bring into our lives. Give your pooch some extra belly rubs. Or, it’s not too late to get out to a shelter, and rescue one…


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