Keep on Truckin’


I don’t drive a lot. I feel like I’m pretty fortunate in that. My work commute is like 10 minutes. I basically walk or bike everywhere else. My car is parked from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. But some people love to drive, and have a “thing” for cars. Well, if you are one of those people, or have one of those people in your life, you’re gonna’ have a great time this weekend at the Long Beach Touch-A-Truck!

This interactive event is Sunday, May 1 at 9:30 at Granada Beach. It’s FREE but you have to register in advance. Registration gets you a wristband, which allows you to sit in the driver’s seat. There’s going to be a ton of vehicles there. Everything from fire trucks to cherry pickers and tractors, to vans and double decker buses, to city vehicles and military vehicles, and much more. There will also be food trucks and ice cream trucks, if you get snackish (bring cash.) What better way to spend a Sunday? This is going to be a wonderful family friendly day, plus somewhat educational. And afterwards, you can hang at the beach…





Tennessee Tuxedo


Happy World Penguin Day!!! I had a different post planned for today. But then, as I was driving to work this morning, I heard it was World Penguin Day (fact-checked on Google, of course,) and I knew I had to share this Day with you! Penguins are adorable. All dressed up for business, but then you see them waddling around, or playing in the water. How could you not love ’em?!

This photo is from LB’s own Aquarium. They let the penguins out on a daily (I think) basis for a little walkabout. While these guys were wandering around, they decided to stop and get a guest’s eye view of their buddies. How cute is this?! I don’t really have anything else to share. No facts or events. Just their winsomeness…




Mother Nature


Happy Earth Day! I don’t think I really need to tell you what Earth Day is all about. Reduce, Reuse. Recycle. Refuse. Save the planet. Conserve water. Support environmental protection. Plant a tree. Skip your daily shower. Start a compost heap. I feel like we all know what we need to do and how. This is our planet. Our home. We are the only ones responsible for caring for it. And Earth Day isn’t just today. It’s every day…


The Main Event


It’s my Birthday week, so naturally, Drinking Buddy and I were out on 2nd Street the other day, enjoying some adult beverages. It was a beautiful day for people watching, and we were feeling a bit venturesome. A while ago, someone referred me to 320 Main in Seal Beach, and we decided to wander out of the ‘hood to check it out. It’s a sweet, little restaurant right in the heart of Main Street. And, when I say small, I mean small. They have a patio area with about 4 tables out front. Inside, there is a bar with a few high top tables, and an intimate dining “room.” I believe the Max. Capacity sign read 60. So, there you have it.

Anyhoo, a bartender referred me. She said they had great handcrafted cocktails, and yummy small plates. Right up my alley. One of the cocktails had apple brandy, lemon, honey, IPA (what? yes!) and something called cynar. I had to Google that one. It’s a liqueur derived from herbs and plants, specifically artichokes. TBH – as much as I love artichokes – I’m not entirely sure I would have ordered it had I known it had an artichoke liqueur in it. But it was SO good! We sampled three of their small plates, and they were all delicious, as well. It’s like a $7 Uber ride, and totally worth it. Sometimes it pays to make drunk adventurous decisions…




Thai Me Up!


Thai me up! HAHA! I love a bad pun. Almost as much as I love Thai food. Well, pretty much any kind of ethnic cuisine. I like variety in what I’m eating. Thai Gourmet on 2nd Street has some yummy fare. I first experienced it during one of the Stroll and Savor events, and it’s one of our go-to Thai places. Both their chicken and their beef are always nice and tender; while the veggies stay crisp. And, let me tell you, they take their sauces seriously. Spicy is spicy! We often get delivery from them, and it always arrives promptly and piping hot (a pet peeve of mine, if it’s not.) Their portions are generous, which means leftovers for the next day. In fact, I think I hear some calling from the fridge right now…





“When a person is tired, or anxious, or in a quest of beauty, may they enter and come forth refreshed to meet the problems of the day.” Loraine Miller Collins said this of the garden she wished to dedicate to her husband. Sometimes you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Get into a quiet and peaceful environment so you can regroup both mentally and physically. The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden at CSULB is just the place.

This 1.3 acre garden is lush with greenery, flora, flowers, and bamboo. It houses a large koi pond (bring some quarters to buy fish food,) and a waterfall. Wooden bridges and stones anchor the nature, without weighing it down. There’s even a little area with an assortment of Bonsai trees. I’ve been lucky; it’s never really crowded whenever I go. It’s only open until about 3:30, and not on Saturdays, so that might have something to do with it. But it’s free. Always a bonus.

So, when you’re feeling stressed, or just want to get away from all of the crowds and noise from the Grand Prix this weekend, you definitely have to check out this place. You can wander the grounds and write, paint, photograph. Or just be…


Hear Me Roar


So, I think we all know the Grand Prix is coming up. Shoreline Village, The Pike, and probably Downtown are going to be abuzz all weekend. The races are Friday-Sunday, and the event kicks of on Thursday with Thunder on Pine. Wait! No it doesn’t! It actually kicks off tomorrow (Wednesday,) right here in BS!

The BSBA is sponsoring Roar In The Shore tomorrow. It’s from 5 pm – 8 pm and is free! Race cars and other exotic cars will be on display, and fans will get a chance to get autographs from Grand Prix race car drivers. To add to the excitement, motorcycle stunt drivers will be performing on the half hour at Corona and Covina Avenues. 2nd Street will remain open for this event, but some of the side streets will be closed, so plan accordingly. I’ve been hearing the revving engines, and am looking forward to getting the first peek…





I’m having brunch envy right now. Scrolling through my IG feed, seeing gorgeous photos of golden, dippy eggs, crispy potatoes, bottomless mimosas, and so much more. Yet, I’m missing out on all of this deliciuosness! Why? IDK. It’s my own fault. I wanted to sleep in. It’s too cold. It’s raining.  I have no excuse. Sure, it’s just a quick walk to Tavern on 2 (their eggs benny pictured,) or Saint and 2nd, or The Attic (just to name a few of my favorite brunch spots.) Instead, I’m sitting on my sofa, listening to Mr. microwave eggs (BLECH!) wondering what I can whip up here…




What are your plans for tomorrow? Whatever they are, make sure you save time to have a beer or four because Thursday, April 7th is National Beer Day. National. Do something for your country! I’m a beer lover. This is something I can get behind. And, honestly, I don’t think there’s much else I can or should say about this…



Sail On!


I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately about the Grand Prix that’s coming up next week. But did you know that there’s another race that starts today? The 52nd running of the Congressional Cup goes today through the 10th. This is one of the premier matches in race sailing, right here in BS. World-renowned skippers will travel from New Zealand, England, and beyond to come and battle it out on the waters off Long Beach. You can view the race for free right on Belmont Pier; races start around noon each day. It gets to be pretty exciting, watching the sailors with their precise strategy and skills, especially when the wind kicks up…