“When a person is tired, or anxious, or in a quest of beauty, may they enter and come forth refreshed to meet the problems of the day.” Loraine Miller Collins said this of the garden she wished to dedicate to her husband. Sometimes you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Get into a quiet and peaceful environment so you can regroup both mentally and physically. The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden at CSULB is just the place.

This 1.3 acre garden is lush with greenery, flora, flowers, and bamboo. It houses a large koi pond (bring some quarters to buy fish food,) and a waterfall. Wooden bridges and stones anchor the nature, without weighing it down. There’s even a little area with an assortment of Bonsai trees. I’ve been lucky; it’s never really crowded whenever I go. It’s only open until about 3:30, and not on Saturdays, so that might have something to do with it. But it’s free. Always a bonus.

So, when you’re feeling stressed, or just want to get away from all of the crowds and noise from the Grand Prix this weekend, you definitely have to check out this place. You can wander the grounds and write, paint, photograph. Or just be…



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