The Main Event


It’s my Birthday week, so naturally, Drinking Buddy and I were out on 2nd Street the other day, enjoying some adult beverages. It was a beautiful day for people watching, and we were feeling a bit venturesome. A while ago, someone referred me to 320 Main in Seal Beach, and we decided to wander out of the ‘hood to check it out. It’s a sweet, little restaurant right in the heart of Main Street. And, when I say small, I mean small. They have a patio area with about 4 tables out front. Inside, there is a bar with a few high top tables, and an intimate dining “room.” I believe the Max. Capacity sign read 60. So, there you have it.

Anyhoo, a bartender referred me. She said they had great handcrafted cocktails, and yummy small plates. Right up my alley. One of the cocktails had apple brandy, lemon, honey, IPA (what? yes!) and something called cynar. I had to Google that one. It’s a liqueur derived from herbs and plants, specifically artichokes. TBH – as much as I love artichokes – I’m not entirely sure I would have ordered it had I known it had an artichoke liqueur in it. But it was SO good! We sampled three of their small plates, and they were all delicious, as well. It’s like a $7 Uber ride, and totally worth it. Sometimes it pays to make drunk adventurous decisions…





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