Keep on Truckin’


I don’t drive a lot. I feel like I’m pretty fortunate in that. My work commute is like 10 minutes. I basically walk or bike everywhere else. My car is parked from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. But some people love to drive, and have a “thing” for cars. Well, if you are one of those people, or have one of those people in your life, you’re gonna’ have a great time this weekend at the Long Beach Touch-A-Truck!

This interactive event is Sunday, May 1 at 9:30 at Granada Beach. It’s FREE but you have to register in advance. Registration gets you a wristband, which allows you to sit in the driver’s seat. There’s going to be a ton of vehicles there. Everything from fire trucks to cherry pickers and tractors, to vans and double decker buses, to city vehicles and military vehicles, and much more. There will also be food trucks and ice cream trucks, if you get snackish (bring cash.) What better way to spend a Sunday? This is going to be a wonderful family friendly day, plus somewhat educational. And afterwards, you can hang at the beach…





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