Happy Memorial Day! Remembering all of the fallen, and thankful for those who serve or who have served our country…






I was running some errands yesterday on 2nd Street, and I walked past a shop I hadn’t seen before. I wondered how I’d missed it. Well, they’ve barely been open a week (it’s a week today.) It’s one of those little-bit-of-everything stores, which I love. It’s called Cityology. They have clothes for both men and women; shirts and quirky socks. Jewelry, photography, handmade soaps and candles. They had these great planters made out of reclaimed wood beams and pipes. Laser-cut greeting cards. I picked up a fresh arugula sorrel lemon scented hand poured soy candle that I just couldn’t resist.

Most of their items are regionally made in SoCal. They’re located kind of on the corner of Park and 2nd. In between Thai Gourmet and La Strada. I don’t think they have a website yet, so you’ll just have to go check it out yourself…



The Queen!


I feel like The RMS Queen Mary is an iconic symbol of Long Beach. I know people who have come to visit LB just to see her. It was built in 1930 in the UK as a luxury liner to transport travelers from Europe to New York. Her maiden voyage was May 27, 1936. And to commemorate this 80th Anniversary, The Queen Mary is offering FREE admission tomorrow, Friday, May 27 from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Have you toured this ship yet? There is some very beautiful architectural detailing, and some spectacular views of downtown. I think my favorite spot is the Observation Bar & Art Deco Lounge. The Queen Mary is truly living history, right in our own city. I highly recommend checking it out, perhaps enjoying brunch onboard, and maybe even consuming a few adult beverages. But, be forewarned, this ship is supposed to be haunted…



All’s Well


I had to call 911 today. Everyone is OK. I was heading into the grocery store from my car, and witnessed an elderly woman trip and fall. She appeared to have hit her nose or mouth and was bleeding. She was alone. Instinctively, I began to run towards her, as did another person next to me coming from her car. The person next to me said she would call 911, and turned around I’m assuming to go back to get her phone out of her car. I had mine in my pocket, and said I’d do it.

As we were waiting for the paramedics, a small group had formed around her. A couple of employees. A concerned onlooker. She was coherent, and even asked one of the employees to call her son, giving them his phone number. A manager-type looking gentleman came out with some paper towels for her. What I really appreciated was that he sat down on the ground next to her and told her, “I’m not going anywhere.” Very comforting. The paramedics came shortly, and everyone was dismissed. She’ll be alright. Turns out that she lives in the apartment building right next to the grocery store. This was probably something she does multiple times per week. It just goes to show you can never be too careful. I’m thankful she was not severely injured and there were kind people surrounding her to help…



Get Out!


As much as I love BS, it can be nice to get away from it sometimes. Not really getting away from BS, but the stresses of everyday life (a.k.a. “Adulting.”) Mr. and I had a great little staycation this past weekend in LA. I was bummed to miss Pride Fest, and the parade, but we had tickets for a one-day-only performance by Wanda Sykes. She was HILARIOUS! We explored a little, took lots of photos, found some great restaurants, enjoyed lots of delectable food, and (do I have to say adult?) beverages. And just relaxed. Now it’s back to the real world, feeling rejuvenated. And, it’s Tuesday already…



Linked In


One of the numerous things I love about living in BS is the walkability. I enjoy walking. It can be some good exercise. Less driving is good for the environment, too. I mentioned, though, that sometimes I journey out of BS. Not too far, but too far to walk. Fortunately, Long Beach has a pretty efficient public transit system. There have been many times I’ve hopped on a bus to head over to Shoreline Village or Downtown. But my favorite mode of public transportation is The AquaLink.  And, it starts running today!! (Just in time for Pride Fest – see yesterday’s post.)

I could tell you all about the routes, and the times, and the landings. But I won’t. I’ll tell you one thing. It’s five bucks for a beautiful boat ride. And they have beer onboard. OK that’s two things, but I felt like that second thing was pretty important. Because having many adult beverages is pretty much the reason I’m not driving in the first place…





I’m a firm believer of people being equal. And unique. Tall, short, gay, straight, thin, fat, male, female, black, brown, white, purple, green, whatever. We are all humans and need to be respected. I love the idea of individuals gathering together to show support for each other. And, I kinda’ like to have fun, too. Guess what? You can have fun and show support this weekend at the Long Beach Pride Festival! It’s Saturday and Sunday at Marina Green Park on Shoreline Drive from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. Their theme this year is Solidarity Through Pride.

It’s not just for the LBGT community; it’s for everyone. It’s for a diverse crowd, and even includes a Family Fun Zone. Having such an all consuming group of people involved not only shows support, it helps to educate people. Not to mention, this celebration has become one of the premiere Pride events nationwide. I read somewhere it is the 2nd largest in the US! Why wouldn’t you want to be part of that? The parade is Sunday at 10:30 am, and the Parade Step Off is right up the street from BS on Ocean at Lindero. There are a lot of goings on for this event, so here’s a little cheat sheet. It’s gonna’ be a busy weekend (with probably a couple of adult beverages involved;) be prepared to make a ton of new friends and have more fun than you imagined…







It’s Taco Tuesday! BS has some yummy taco places like Taco Surf and Super Mex. They both have delectable food, and are more traditional. Their fish tacos are delish (Taco Surf also has a shrimp taco.) And if you’re a Gringo like me who occasionally craves a crunchy taco, Super Mex has those, too. (BTW, Mr. is a huge fan of both places’ burritos, but we’re talking tacos, here.)

However, if you like to be a little unconventional, you should check out the taco options at Tavern on 2. These are their duck tacos. I love duck! Topped with a whiskey cheddar, grilled onions, ginger jam, and mint. Such flavorful and unique flavor combinations! Their chicken tacos are topped with a tart salsa verde, and their Kung Pao pork belly tacos have a bit of heat from chili threads, and a nice crunch from peanuts. They also have mushroom tacos. I’m all for a veggie option, but I don’t do ‘shrooms, so there’s that. Now, I just have to figure out where we should go tonight…



It’s Bad


What a beautiful weekend it’s been! Or, maybe it hasn’t. I seriously have no idea. Mr. decided to buy an Apple TV. (We have so many Apple products in our home, we jokingly call it the Apple Orchard.) When he told me, I was like, “whatevs.” I didn’t really see the point of it. But then, it sucked me in. We started exploring some of the channels. It was fine, at first. We watched some comedies, and some food and travel shows. But then, we found something that sucked us in. And we started binge watching. We lost track of time. Days passed us by. We forgot to eat. It’s bad. Like, really bad. But, we just can’t stop…


It’s Coming…


It’s coming! It’s coming! Summer is almost here! Know how I know? Because the first Stroll and Savor of the year is this week. (Remember I told you about that last year?) Then, The Aqualink will be running. Then, Moonlight Movies on the Beach will be playing. And Pirate Fest, and the Tiki Beach Festival, and Independence Day, and, and, and!

I know weather-wise it’s almost perpetual Summer here. But one of the many reasons I love living in BS is because all of these events (most of them FREE) that occur pretty much right in my own back yard during official Summer. So stay tuned, and I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop of all of the lively activities coming up…