It’s Taco Tuesday! BS has some yummy taco places like Taco Surf and Super Mex. They both have delectable food, and are more traditional. Their fish tacos are delish (Taco Surf also has a shrimp taco.) And if you’re a Gringo like me who occasionally craves a crunchy taco, Super Mex has those, too. (BTW, Mr. is a huge fan of both places’ burritos, but we’re talking tacos, here.)

However, if you like to be a little unconventional, you should check out the taco options at Tavern on 2. These are their duck tacos. I love duck! Topped with a whiskey cheddar, grilled onions, ginger jam, and mint. Such flavorful and unique flavor combinations! Their chicken tacos are topped with a tart salsa verde, and their Kung Pao pork belly tacos have a bit of heat from chili threads, and a nice crunch from peanuts. They also have mushroom tacos. I’m all for a veggie option, but I don’t do ‘shrooms, so there’s that. Now, I just have to figure out where we should go tonight…




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