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One of the numerous things I love about living in BS is the walkability. I enjoy walking. It can be some good exercise. Less driving is good for the environment, too. I mentioned, though, that sometimes I journey out of BS. Not too far, but too far to walk. Fortunately, Long Beach has a pretty efficient public transit system. There have been many times I’ve hopped on a bus to head over to Shoreline Village or Downtown. But my favorite mode of public transportation is The AquaLink.  And, it starts running today!! (Just in time for Pride Fest – see yesterday’s post.)

I could tell you all about the routes, and the times, and the landings. But I won’t. I’ll tell you one thing. It’s five bucks for a beautiful boat ride. And they have beer onboard. OK that’s two things, but I felt like that second thing was pretty important. Because having many adult beverages is pretty much the reason I’m not driving in the first place…




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