All’s Well


I had to call 911 today. Everyone is OK. I was heading into the grocery store from my car, and witnessed an elderly woman trip and fall. She appeared to have hit her nose or mouth and was bleeding. She was alone. Instinctively, I began to run towards her, as did another person next to me coming from her car. The person next to me said she would call 911, and turned around I’m assuming to go back to get her phone out of her car. I had mine in my pocket, and said I’d do it.

As we were waiting for the paramedics, a small group had formed around her. A couple of employees. A concerned onlooker. She was coherent, and even asked one of the employees to call her son, giving them his phone number. A manager-type looking gentleman came out with some paper towels for her. What I really appreciated was that he sat down on the ground next to her and told her, “I’m not going anywhere.” Very comforting. The paramedics came shortly, and everyone was dismissed. She’ll be alright. Turns out that she lives in the apartment building right next to the grocery store. This was probably something she does multiple times per week. It just goes to show you can never be too careful. I’m thankful she was not severely injured and there were kind people surrounding her to help…




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