IDK if you remember some time last year (like almost 8 months ago,) I wrote about helping a guy jump start his car in front of the Post Office. It was a Friday afternoon. All I had to do was drop off a few packages to be mailed, and I would be done with work, ready to start my weekend. I left the Post Office, and saw a man standing on the curb looking worried, with the hood of his truck open. Turned out, he needed a jump. All I wanted to do was go home, change, be done with my day, and have multiple a drinks. I helped him. He offered to pay me, and I declined.

Today, I dropped off some parcels at the same Post Office for work. Friday afternoon, and my work day was done. Time to go home, change, and have multiple a drinks. Guess what? Yeah, you know. My car wouldn’t start. Two postal employees – who were also done with their day and ready to go home – stayed to help me. “Do good things and good things will come your way.” When I helped that gentleman last year, I didn’t do it because I was hoping to get something in return. But today, I did…





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