What a Deal!


YAY! It’s the weekend! Not that you need another reason to hang out on 2nd Street, but I thought you might like to know about the Sidewalk Sale going on this weekend. The Belmont Shore Sidewalk Sale will feature up to 50 stores with street-wide savings. It begins today, and will run through Sunday. It’s another beautiful weekend here in BS, so what better way to spend it than wandering the streets? Check out some of the new stores on 2nd Street. Visit some of your favorites. Get some deals. And, of course you’ll need to stay hydrated and nourished…






Take Flight


So apparently, I missed National Tequila Day this past weekend. But I’m not going to let this one get by me. It’s National Scotch Whisky Day! Scotch whisky obviously must come from Scotland. It also must be aged at least 3 years and a day in oak. And it’s usually smoked over peat, which gives it a very distinctive flavor. I enjoy a glass or three of Scotch every now and then. Know what else I like to do? Sample whisky flights. If you’ve been to Saint & Second in BS, you know they have an incredibly extensive alcohol list (they call it The Bar Book and it literally is a book.) And they offer whisky flights. And they just happen to offer a Scotch whisky flight. Oh, BTW, if you haven’t been to Saint & Second yet, what are you waiting for?! So, get out there and do some day drinking, or buy your favorite bottle and curl up at home with your favorite person. You don’t need an excuse like a national holiday, but it sure helps…




Adopt Don’t Shop


Have you been looking for that special someone in your life? Someone to hang out on the beach with, go out to eat with, snuggle with? Someone who loves a good belly rub or a scratch behind the ears. Wait, what?! Yes, if you’ve been thinking about bringing a furry friend into your life, today is a great day to do it! It’s Clear The Shelters Day. It’s a day to bring awareness to the overcrowding of animal shelters all across the country; a nationwide pet adoption initiative that aims to connect animals in need with a loving new home. Adoption fees are being dropped to only $20. $20! You can find that much money in the change that’s under your sofa cushions.


Many local shelters are participating, including the spcaLA here in Long Beach. There are a jillion reasons to adopt a pet. First of all, you’re no dummy. You’re not going to get a pet from a breeder or a store, because those are just puppy mills. That is a huge no-no.  Animals are good for your health and well-being. They give you unconditional love. Guys, dogs are total chick magnets. Most animals from shelters are already housebroken. Most importantly, you’ll be saving a life…






Remember back in March when the Long Beach Bike Share kicked off? Most of the hubs were around DTLB. Great idea for commuters, but what about us folks here in BS?! Well, there are now hubs conveniently located all around BS! Check out the map on the link. There’s one near Belmont Pool (pictured,) one near 2nd/Park, one at 2nd/Bayshore, and one at the end of the bike path as you head on to the Peninsula. There is also a bike hub near the base of the pier, by BBC.

This bike share is a great idea for anyone who doesn’t have a bike. Or, maybe a friend is visiting you. Y’all really want to ride the bike path over to Shoreline Village for some adult beverages. Or it’s too hot to walk around, but you want to cruise 2nd Street. Or whatever. Now, you and your visiting friend have no excuse…




Time Flies


Happy Anniversary to LIVINGTHEBS! WordPress informed me this morning that it has been one year today since I started this blog. TBH, when I first decided to write, I wasn’t really sure if it was going to last a year. Or even a month. I had no idea what I was going to write about. I had no idea if anyone would read it. At times, I’ll admit, I may not have felt like writing, or I felt like I was running out of ideas. But I have truly enjoyed this creative outlet, and intend to continue my efforts. So, a huge thank you to anyone who reads this. Whether you are a regular follower, or just happen upon a certain post one day. I appreciate each and every one of you. Please keep reading and I’ll keep living the BS…




Lovin’ It!

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.41.36 PM

Man, there has been a lot of anguish in the world lately. Let’s take some time to celebrate, instead. Celebrate life. Celebrate love. Celebrate Long Beach and everything we appreciate about this beautiful city we live in. The Love Long Beach Celebration is this weekend (Saturday and Sunday.) It takes place right here in BS on Granada Beach, and its FREE! This is a family-friendly, all-ages, all-inclusive festival. And, I feel like it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Guys, there is so much going on at this festival, I don’t even know where to start. Various types of athletic activities (volleyball, soccer, football, yoga, paddleboard, and more.) Art, music, craft vendors, food court, food trucks, and, YES! bars. Even something for your dog! Enjoy as many of these events as you want, or none of them. Simply relish in spending time with our community while basking in the sun, and cooling off in the ocean breezes. Parking will be limited, so ride your bike, take the bus, or even use Uber Pool. Bring your friends and family. Let’s all spread the magic of everything we love about Long Beach…





Hooray for FRYday! Yes, I know today is only Wednesday. It’s National French Fries Day! Pictured is the Blue Cheese Haystack from Simmzy’s. Shoestring fries topped with garlic, spicy sauce, blue cheese dressing, then finished off with some sliced scallions. One of my favorites! There are sooo many places in BS to get yummy fries. Whether you like them thin or thick. Topped or plain. Regular or sweet potato. Forget that new Pokemon Go game. Go out and grab some french fries somewhere! And, next time, don’t wait for an excuse like Fries Day…



Pow! Wow!


IDK if you remember last year, I wrote about the Vitality and Verve exhibit at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Well, that exhibit was a part of the Pow! Wow! Long Beach event. It’s a global network of artists which organizes gallery shows, educational series, concerts, and art installations. The painting of the murals officially began today, bringing a creative and vibrant life to community spaces, which are otherwise literally blank walls. You can see a map of the locations on their web site. Once the murals are all competed, I think going for a bike ride around the city (rent one through the city bike share, if you don’t have one,) touring the buildings would make for a great day. And don’t forget to check out the schedule of events on the site, as well, so you can head to Night Dive at the Aquarium, and see when the exhibit is coming to the Museum. I expect it to be even better than last year…





I haven’t responded to or written any posts on social media regarding the terrible violence that has been occurring. I saw this quote earlier today, and it spoke to me. Despite the despair, anger, and sadness we are feeling, we need to love and feel loved. We need to come together, not be against each other. Be respectful. Be kind. Love…



Summer Lovin’


Happy Independence Day! July 4th always brings back childhood memories of summer in the suburbs (I grew up on the East Coast.) Running around at picnics, playing with all of my friends. The summer sun warming my already browned skin, salty from sweat. Eating one of those frosty “Bomb Pops;” red, white, and blue ice dripping down my hands. In the evening, we’d all go to the park in anticipation of the fireworks display. Blankets would be spread on the ground. Chasing fireflies. Drawing in the air with the glitter from sparklers. Then, the big show would start. The family would snuggle on the blanket. Laying down on the side of the hill, with the embers from the fireworks spreading over us like fairy dust.

But, it’s wonderful to create new memories, too. Hanging out on the beach with my friends. Playing frisbee or sand darts. Maybe sipping on a frosty adult beverage (shhh!) Then, we’ll all come home and grill copious amounts of food. The smell of charcoal wafting throughout the neighborhood as everyone else is having their own little get-together. And, finally, just as the food coma is about to hit, we all wander back over to the beach to watch the fireworks from the Queen Mary being shot out over the ocean. However you are spending today, I hope you are enjoying your freedom…