Summer Lovin’


Happy Independence Day! July 4th always brings back childhood memories of summer in the suburbs (I grew up on the East Coast.) Running around at picnics, playing with all of my friends. The summer sun warming my already browned skin, salty from sweat. Eating one of those frosty “Bomb Pops;” red, white, and blue ice dripping down my hands. In the evening, we’d all go to the park in anticipation of the fireworks display. Blankets would be spread on the ground. Chasing fireflies. Drawing in the air with the glitter from sparklers. Then, the big show would start. The family would snuggle on the blanket. Laying down on the side of the hill, with the embers from the fireworks spreading over us like fairy dust.

But, it’s wonderful to create new memories, too. Hanging out on the beach with my friends. Playing frisbee or sand darts. Maybe sipping on a frosty adult beverage (shhh!) Then, we’ll all come home and grill copious amounts of food. The smell of charcoal wafting throughout the neighborhood as everyone else is having their own little get-together. And, finally, just as the food coma is about to hit, we all wander back over to the beach to watch the fireworks from the Queen Mary being shot out over the ocean. However you are spending today, I hope you are enjoying your freedom…





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