Adopt Don’t Shop


Have you been looking for that special someone in your life? Someone to hang out on the beach with, go out to eat with, snuggle with? Someone who loves a good belly rub or a scratch behind the ears. Wait, what?! Yes, if you’ve been thinking about bringing a furry friend into your life, today is a great day to do it! It’s Clear The Shelters Day. It’s a day to bring awareness to the overcrowding of animal shelters all across the country; a nationwide pet adoption initiative that aims to connect animals in need with a loving new home. Adoption fees are being dropped to only $20. $20! You can find that much money in the change that’s under your sofa cushions.


Many local shelters are participating, including the spcaLA here in Long Beach. There are a jillion reasons to adopt a pet. First of all, you’re no dummy. You’re not going to get a pet from a breeder or a store, because those are just puppy mills. That is a huge no-no.  Animals are good for your health and well-being. They give you unconditional love. Guys, dogs are total chick magnets. Most animals from shelters are already housebroken. Most importantly, you’ll be saving a life…





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