Take Flight


So apparently, I missed National Tequila Day this past weekend. But I’m not going to let this one get by me. It’s National Scotch Whisky Day! Scotch whisky obviously must come from Scotland. It also must be aged at least 3 years and a day in oak. And it’s usually smoked over peat, which gives it a very distinctive flavor. I enjoy a glass or three of Scotch every now and then. Know what else I like to do? Sample whisky flights. If you’ve been to Saint & Second in BS, you know they have an incredibly extensive alcohol list (they call it The Bar Book and it literally is a book.) And they offer whisky flights. And they just happen to offer a Scotch whisky flight. Oh, BTW, if you haven’t been to Saint & Second yet, what are you waiting for?! So, get out there and do some day drinking, or buy your favorite bottle and curl up at home with your favorite person. You don’t need an excuse like a national holiday, but it sure helps…





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