Rich Says Hi!


About 4 years ago in April, I was sitting at the bar at Simmzy’s, perusing the beer list. At that time, they had only recently opened, and had both the chalkboards, and beer menus for each table. I can’t exactly recall why, but I was by myself. I think maybe I had gone for a bike ride, and just decided to pop in for a beer on my way home. It was a new place that I hadn’t checked out yet. On the menu, the name of the beer and the brewery were stated, along with the serving size, price, and ABV. Underneath that, was a brief description (strong hop flavor with a hint of citrus, bold and smoky, etc.) I was debating over a few IPAs (of course,) and I stopped in my tracks as I found the one I knew I was going to choose and love.

The short summary under that beer said Rich says hi. Why would that make me select that particular brew? It describes absolutely nothing about the beer. Well, my dad had passed away a year prior to that. His name was Rich. I drank it, and I felt as if my Dad was sitting there with me, enjoying his very own frosty brew.

Months or maybe even years later, I found out that Rich was the name of the brewmeister. It doesn’t matter. My dad said hi to me that day. And maybe, Simmzy’s holds a special place in my heart because of that. Maybe it’s all of their delicious pizza, burgers, sandwiches, and appetizers. Maybe it’s the casual, open-air setting. But it’s probably the 30 rotating craft beer taps…





Side Out


So, The 2016 Summer Olympics just ended. Did you watch? Did you see the beach volleyball games? Weren’t they exciting?! TBH, I didn’t watch enough to even try to pretend like I know what happened. I mean, the games were on in the background, as I sat pecking away on my laptop. I think the women’s team won bronze? I like sports, but I think I just got overly sports-stimulated over the past couple of weeks. Well, if you didn’t watch and you feel like you missed out on something, or if you did watch and you didn’t get enough, you are in luck! The World Series of Beach Volleyball is happening this week right here in Long Beach! This tournament brings together medal-wining athletes from around the world to compete for the biggest title on the world tour – the FIVB Grand Slam. It’s going to be an epic week of elite competition and fun in the sun. Since it’s taking place so shortly after the Olympics, and at the end of August, it kind of feels like both an end-of-summer party for beach lovers of all ages and a welcome home party for our USA beach volleyball Olympians.

The venue is on Alamitos Beach (I had to laugh at this description on the website: “The beach is, well, a beach so there’s no official address but enter 700 E. Shoreline Drive, Long Beach, CA 90802 into your nav system and you’ll get there,”) and it’s FREE! You can also purchase premium seating to be guaranteed a seat. But why pay for something when you don’t have to? Unless you really are a volleyball nut! Parking will probably be pretty crazy, but they will be offering a FREE Bike Valet near the entrance. Don’t worry, there will be other activities taking place, as well. There’s a big line-up of DJs and even live music. There are also tournaments that “regular” people can participate in, but you have to register (and pay) for those. Food trucks and concession stands. I bet there might also be a bar there somewhere, too…





A couple of weeks ago, I filled you in on the Dinner in The Sky event that was coming to the Queen Mary this month and September. Well, it appears that the company who is hosting it is not quite that reputable, and the event is highly unlikely to happen. You can read the full article here in the Press Telegram. I’m sorry if I misguided you into thinking this was a great idea. It wasn’t…

Arm Candy


Do you or someone you know have some nice ink you like to show off? Do you like to win cash money? Do you care about our environment? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should probably check out the 30-Minute Beach Clean Up and the Southern Tattoo Championship tomorrow! The clean-up starts at 10:00 am on Granada Beach. Gloves, trash bags, refreshments, and more will be provided. Afterwards, stay for the Tattoo Contest where cash prizes will be given away for categories such as most tattoos, best artwork, best color, or best sleeve. It’s going to be another beautiful day. So, head over to the beach, do some good, and have some fun with your neighbors! And, if you’re not already inked, there’s still time today to get some sweet artwork done…




Stormy Weather


Happy National Rum Day! Once again another holiday I don’t know the origins of, and really don’t care! What’s your favorite rum drink? A Cuba Libre, Daiquiri, Pina Colada? While I do have a soft spot for Mojitos (after living in Key West, with such a Cuban influence everywhere,) my favorite is a Dark and Stormy.

Dark and Stormies (would that be the plural?) are essentially only two ingredients, but I think the fact that the two ingredients are so packed full of flavor is what makes it so tasty. It’s basically rum and ginger beer. Here’s the thing, specifics are very important in this cocktail. Gosling’s Black Seal Rum (available at your local BevMo) is the only acceptable rum. Period. And you need a zippy ginger beer, not ginger ale. My “recipe” (since you know I am so precise when I make “recipes”) is to fill about 1/3 of your glass with rum. Squeeze in a wedge of lime. Fill the glass with ice, and top it all off with the ginger beer.

One sip of this and you will be transported back to the days when pirates ruled the seas, pillaged the towns, and ransacked the local watering holes! Or, maybe it’ll just make you kick back, relax, and say, “ahhh…”






12719586_1129174333783270_6106592969281597067_oIf you’re going to be out and about in BS this weekend, you should check out the Great Sand Sculpture Contest happening at Granada Beach. Believe it or not, this contest is the longest standing of its kind in the nation, and has been occurring for 83 years! Bringing together professional world-class artists, and community sand sculptors in a festive atmosphere that is family-friendly. There will be live music and DJs, a kids zone, sand-sculpting lessons, a food court, vendor gallery, and yes, even a bar.

This festival kicks of today (Saturday) at 10:00 am. Today’s the day to see how the professionals and semi-pros start off their masterpieces, along with the sand-sculpting lessons, and beach frivolities. Then swing by again on Sunday for more music and fun, and to view the final results. oh yeah, the best part is, it’s free! Trust me, you’ll never believe what can be done with a pile of sand and a bucket of water…





So, I would say I’m kind of an adventurous eater. I’ve tried delicacies some people may not be willing to. Tripe, sweetbreads, uni, alligator, snails…. But there are probably a few things I might draw the line at. Like anything that is still alive as it’s going down my throat, certain insects, or dining up in the air while dangling from a crane. Yes. You read that right! Starting next week, for about a month, you have the opportunity to do just this. Dinner in the Sky will be arriving at the Queen Mary Events Park and is sure to provide an evening you will never forget.

Dinner in the Sky originated in Belgium, and has become an international phenomenon in just 50 countries. So, it’s pretty exciting that it’s happening right here in LBC! They have three dinner slots available each day, plus three brunch spots available on the weekends. Reservations are required, and are non-refundable. Diners are strapped into their bucket seats, and the waitstaff is anchored by harnesses. Then, you are lifted off the ground to enjoy your 4-course gourmet meal in “flight” (as the website likes to call it,) about 15 stories in the air. All the while dangling over Long Beach. This arises many questions: What if I have to pee? What if I drop my fork? What if the guy next to me gets drunk and obnoxious? Or worse yet, throws up?!

IDK if they have taken those things in to consideration, but for me, the price alone is scary enough…





Fais Do-Do!


Aw yeah! It’s that time of the year again, when the Long Beach Crawfish Festival rolls into town! I’ve told you about this before; it’s one of our favorite events in LBC. Good grub, festive music (trust me, you will dance!,) cold beer, and lively crowds. Lots of entertainment for children, too. Here’s a tip: Mr. and I share only one of the crawfish feasts, so we can sample yummy treats from the other vendors, as well. I can’t tell you how much fun this festival is! Just trust me. Just GO! Jump on your bike, hop on the bus, or take an Uber, and get going…



Hop To It


Happy International IPA Day!!! By now you know IPAs are my favorite kind of beer. You might know that IPAs are characterized by their abundance of hops. You may or may not know that this beer did not originate in India, rather, in Britain. Or that the cargo ships needed a higher alcohol brew to withstand the sea journey from England south and east to India. I could tell you about all of that. But why waste your time learning, when you could be drinking?! Whether it’s your go-to or, you’ve never had one before, there’s no better reason to get out to your favorite watering hole in BS and enjoy some IPAs…




Beach Bod


Rabbit Rabbit! It’s August 1st, and many people are getting ready for the end of summer, or preparing for back to school. But, we know that “summer” lasts much longer here in BS; there’s still time to work on that beach bod, if you’re into that. Personally, IMHO, if you have a body and are on a beach, you have a beach bod. Anyhoo, if you scroll through my IG, you see lots of photos of beer, booze, and crunchy, cheesy, meaty, calorie-laden deliciousness. And you are probably wondering, “what does that kind of food have to do with a beach bod?!” Here’s the thing. I don’t eat like that all the time. But who wants to see photos of grilled salmon and veggies? YAWN!

I often think about posting recipes for you. I enjoy cooking. But I don’t always exactly use a recipe. I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type chef (and, I use that word lightly.) Today, I’m going to share this meal that is so simple, it doesn’t even need a recipe. It’s a twist on tuna salad without all of that fatty, goopy, gross mayo. Simply dump a can of drained tuna into a bowl. Add about a 3-inch chunk of cucumber, diced pretty small (I use organic, and keep the skin on.) Add a slice of red onion, diced finely. Then, a hefty squeeze of lemon juice and a tablespoon of EVOO. Woah! Don’t freak out about the EVOO; it’s good for you. Trust me, or just Google it. Finish with some ground pepper, a pinch of salt, and some dill (fresh if you have it, but dried works perfectly, too.) Give it a really good stir, and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

I like to eat it right out of the bowl, but you can have it as a lettuce wrap, in a pita, on some toasted bread, whatever floats your boat. Ooh!  This would also be delicious with lime juice instead of lemon, and some Sriracha squeezed in – maybe some sesame seeds – for an Asian twist. (See? This is what happens to me.) As is, this rolls in right at 360 calories. So, go ahead and grab an adult beverage or three and don’t feel guilty, because you just ate something healthy…