So, I would say I’m kind of an adventurous eater. I’ve tried delicacies some people may not be willing to. Tripe, sweetbreads, uni, alligator, snails…. But there are probably a few things I might draw the line at. Like anything that is still alive as it’s going down my throat, certain insects, or dining up in the air while dangling from a crane. Yes. You read that right! Starting next week, for about a month, you have the opportunity to do just this. Dinner in the Sky will be arriving at the Queen Mary Events Park and is sure to provide an evening you will never forget.

Dinner in the Sky originated in Belgium, and has become an international phenomenon in just 50 countries. So, it’s pretty exciting that it’s happening right here in LBC! They have three dinner slots available each day, plus three brunch spots available on the weekends. Reservations are required, and are non-refundable. Diners are strapped into their bucket seats, and the waitstaff is anchored by harnesses. Then, you are lifted off the ground to enjoy your 4-course gourmet meal in “flight” (as the website likes to call it,) about 15 stories in the air. All the while dangling over Long Beach. This arises many questions: What if I have to pee? What if I drop my fork? What if the guy next to me gets drunk and obnoxious? Or worse yet, throws up?!

IDK if they have taken those things in to consideration, but for me, the price alone is scary enough…






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