12719586_1129174333783270_6106592969281597067_oIf you’re going to be out and about in BS this weekend, you should check out the Great Sand Sculpture Contest happening at Granada Beach. Believe it or not, this contest is the longest standing of its kind in the nation, and has been occurring for 83 years! Bringing together professional world-class artists, and community sand sculptors in a festive atmosphere that is family-friendly. There will be live music and DJs, a kids zone, sand-sculpting lessons, a food court, vendor gallery, and yes, even a bar.

This festival kicks of today (Saturday) at 10:00 am. Today’s the day to see how the professionals and semi-pros start off their masterpieces, along with the sand-sculpting lessons, and beach frivolities. Then swing by again on Sunday for more music and fun, and to view the final results. oh yeah, the best part is, it’s free! Trust me, you’ll never believe what can be done with a pile of sand and a bucket of water…



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