Side Out


So, The 2016 Summer Olympics just ended. Did you watch? Did you see the beach volleyball games? Weren’t they exciting?! TBH, I didn’t watch enough to even try to pretend like I know what happened. I mean, the games were on in the background, as I sat pecking away on my laptop. I think the women’s team won bronze? I like sports, but I think I just got overly sports-stimulated over the past couple of weeks. Well, if you didn’t watch and you feel like you missed out on something, or if you did watch and you didn’t get enough, you are in luck! The World Series of Beach Volleyball is happening this week right here in Long Beach! This tournament brings together medal-wining athletes from around the world to compete for the biggest title on the world tour – the FIVB Grand Slam. It’s going to be an epic week of elite competition and fun in the sun. Since it’s taking place so shortly after the Olympics, and at the end of August, it kind of feels like both an end-of-summer party for beach lovers of all ages and a welcome home party for our USA beach volleyball Olympians.

The venue is on Alamitos Beach (I had to laugh at this description on the website: “The beach is, well, a beach so there’s no official address but enter 700 E. Shoreline Drive, Long Beach, CA 90802 into your nav system and you’ll get there,”) and it’s FREE! You can also purchase premium seating to be guaranteed a seat. But why pay for something when you don’t have to? Unless you really are a volleyball nut! Parking will probably be pretty crazy, but they will be offering a FREE Bike Valet near the entrance. Don’t worry, there will be other activities taking place, as well. There’s a big line-up of DJs and even live music. There are also tournaments that “regular” people can participate in, but you have to register (and pay) for those. Food trucks and concession stands. I bet there might also be a bar there somewhere, too…




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