Rich Says Hi!


About 4 years ago in April, I was sitting at the bar at Simmzy’s, perusing the beer list. At that time, they had only recently opened, and had both the chalkboards, and beer menus for each table. I can’t exactly recall why, but I was by myself. I think maybe I had gone for a bike ride, and just decided to pop in for a beer on my way home. It was a new place that I hadn’t checked out yet. On the menu, the name of the beer and the brewery were stated, along with the serving size, price, and ABV. Underneath that, was a brief description (strong hop flavor with a hint of citrus, bold and smoky, etc.) I was debating over a few IPAs (of course,) and I stopped in my tracks as I found the one I knew I was going to choose and love.

The short summary under that beer said Rich says hi. Why would that make me select that particular brew? It describes absolutely nothing about the beer. Well, my dad had passed away a year prior to that. His name was Rich. I drank it, and I felt as if my Dad was sitting there with me, enjoying his very own frosty brew.

Months or maybe even years later, I found out that Rich was the name of the brewmeister. It doesn’t matter. My dad said hi to me that day. And maybe, Simmzy’s holds a special place in my heart because of that. Maybe it’s all of their delicious pizza, burgers, sandwiches, and appetizers. Maybe it’s the casual, open-air setting. But it’s probably the 30 rotating craft beer taps…





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