It’s hot. I don’t need to tell you that, but I will anyways. It’s been hot. It’s Fall. It’s the end of September, and it’s 100 degrees. It’s hot. That’s my excuse for everything. It’s why we have been living off of salads. It’s an excuse to make boozy floats. It’s a reason not to do laundry, or dishes, or work out. Fans are blazing. Everything is dry. My eyes are burning. My lips are chapped. Drink water. Drink beer. Order sushi delivery. Why? Because it’s too hot to do anything. It’s why I haven’t been writing. It’s too hot to write…







Guys, there is a “yuuuge” festival coming up this weekend (starting today.) It’s not in BS, but in Downtown/East Village. I don’t care, because it sounds like it’s going to be amazing. It’s the Music Tastes Good Festival, and it starts today (Friday) at 5:00. It’s a music festival, with a “Farm-to-Taste Experience.” This farm-to-table dinner takes place on Saturday (there are 4 sessions to choose from,) at Padre. The meal will feature locally-sourced food, prepared by six of the best chefs in Long Beach, who are each teaming up with a guest chef of their selection. A portion of the dinner proceeds will be donated to Long Beach Fresh, which supports eaters, feeders, and seeders in our community.

As promising as the food sounds, the lineup sounds even more exciting. Music ranging from hip-hop and electronic, to punk and ska, folk, Latin, and everything in between. There are going to be four stages, and some killer tunes! Seriously, you have to check out the schedule. This is where I would normally rattle off a bunch of names of participating bands, but I don’t even know where to start! Well, OK, maybe with The Specials…




Rain Man


IDK if you noticed, but it rained in BS yesterday. Actual raindrops falling from the sky. Not bad, just enough to make some splotches on the sidewalk. LA and SD had it worse, I heard (today, too.) It hasn’t rained for a good 6 months here. Thing is, I knew it was going to rain yesterday. The weather forecasters didn’t predict it. So, am I a meteorologist, and you didn’t know it? Do I have some kid of special barometric sensors in my brain? Nope. I got my car detailed on Sunday. Not like, spray the hose over it, or one of those do-it-yourself places. Not the drive through car wash at the gas station, or one of those hand-wash places where they do it for you. Detailed. De.Tailed. On Sunday. So, of course it was going to rain on Monday.

I went to Long Beach Auto Detail. Their address is on 2nd Street, but I like to say they’re on Pomona because they are actually in the parking lot behind Boubouffe. And who cares what the actual address is, or what Google Maps say, as long as you can find it, right?! The guys there are all super nice. They do car washes, interior/exterior dealing, window tinting, and some other stuff guys would probably be into. Just kidding. No, I’m not. I was getting both an interior and exterior detail. They said if I could bring it in in the morning, it would be finished before the end of the day. I took it in at 9:00, and they quoted me by 4:00.

The location is great because you can either just walk home while you wait for your car, or wander 2nd Street until it’s ready. Maybe even hang out at the beach. And, they are open 7 days a week! When they called me, it was ready more than an hour early. And it was beautiful! Like new. Oh, and the price was really reasonable too. I don’t see any more rain in the forecast, so go, if you’re feeling brave…




Peer Pressure


My brother and I were having a (rare) phone conversation yesterday, and he said something about it being Cheeseburger Day. I didn’t really think much about it. We finished our convo, and I suddenly felt compelled to see if it really was National Cheeseburger Day, and I Googled it. Turns out it wasn’t yesterday, it’s today! You’re welcome. Sometimes, I like “interesting” burgers (like blackened with blue cheese, or a Western burger, or something else.) Sometimes, I like a “regular” burger. Cheese (always cheese,) lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mustard. Why is mustard never an option at restaurants?! I don’t mind the “special sauce,” but sometimes, I want mustard! That pic is a “regular” burger: the American Burger at Saint & Second (BTW, they also have a killer Banh Mi burger.)

So, like the good sister I am, I texted my brother to inform him Cheeseburger Day is actually today. And to tell him, “Damn you. Now I want a cheeseburger!” Accompanied by the 🍔, of course. Now, Mr. and I had just gone grocery shopping on Friday. I told him we need to make sure we stock up on some good choices so we can make healthy meals. Chicken and lean proteins, kale and other green veggies, berries, bananas, and fruit. So, imagine how his eyes lit up when he came home from work yesterday, and I informed him I wanted cheeseburgers for dinner! Go ahead and get that cheeseburger today. Trust me, the kale can wait…






It’s officially football season! Part of football is MNF, and you know you don’t want to miss any of the game. So dinner is either something that can be prepared in advance, and eaten later (like chili,) or anything delivery. There were two games on last night, and my team was playing the earlier game. We probably could have waited until the game was over, and had a late dinner, but Mr. and I decided to order in some pizza. We tried a newish place (at least new to us,) called Fat Tomato Pizza. It’s over on Broadway; not quite in BS, but close enough that they deliver, and that’s gotta’ count for something, right? It looked appealing because they tout organic, local produce and mozzarella that is shredded daily. All of their doughs, sauces, and dressings are made fresh daily, in-house.

We went with a white pizza with spinach and garlic (I think it was The Popeye,) and added sliced tomatoes. Suuper yummy, with a really thin crust. We also decided to try the garlic parmesan wings. Let me tell you about wings. My #1 is that they have to be crispy. That’s why I almost never order wings for delivery. The other thing is that Mr. likes BBQ, and I like spicy. So, I figured these would be a good compromise. The garlic parmesan was a bit mild for my taste, but they were actually crispy, and they served them with a side of buffalo sauce. (Bonus!) They will definitely be a keeper in our book! Check this place out, especially if you are already thinking ahead to TNF…





Fins Up!


I’m not one of those people who is a car “nut,” but I do appreciate a thing of beauty when I see one. Cars can fall into that category. From classic roadsters, to coupes, sedans, and convertibles, or muscle cars, sports cars, and hot rods. This Sunday, you’ll get a chance to see them all at the Annual Belmont Shore Car Show. This show is produced by the BSBA and the Bay City Rodders. It’s free to attend; it runs from 9 am – 3 pm. 100% of the proceeds from the registered entrants goes to charity. It’s also one of the rare times that 2nd Street is closed to vehicular traffic (so plan accordingly.) Because this event happens to take place on 9/11, there will be a remembrance service starting at 9:00 am in front of Fire Station 8, and a moment of silence at 9:11 am.

But guys, this isn’t just about cars. I mean, it’s occurring on 2nd Street. First of all, there are all of the shops, bars, and restaurants that we all love to visit. There will also be a variety of street vendors. There will be over 500 vehicles, and approximately 40,000 people are expected to be in attendance. It’s a terrific opportunity to get out, do some walking and people watching, grab some snacks throughout the day, and maybe even have a few adult beverages…



It’s Happening


It’s happening, y’all. I was in line at the grocery store yesterday and I saw that Starbucks has their pumpkin spice lattes again. Time for Pumpkin Spice Everything. Coffee. Vodka. Potato chips (seriously.) Cookies. Yogurt. Ice cream. Cereal. Beer. Beer! For the love of God, make it stop!!! And to think, Fall doesn’t even officially begin until September 22. I guess we’ll be seeing Christmas decorations soon…


Express Yourself


Are you one of those people who carries your camera everywhere? Are you constantly stopping to take pictures with your phone? You may be interested in knowing the Say Cheese Long Beach Digital Photo Contest is beginning today! Display a day in the life, or a week in the life. Express your inner creativity. Flaunt your favorite hidden gem of the city. Anything goes! Simply snap some photos this week, and submit them online for consideration. There’s no registration, and no fee. Over $1,000 in prize money will be awarded!

Anyone can enter. Both amateur and seasoned photographers of all ages can start snapping digital photos of whatever and whomever they like during the day and/or night. The contest’s mission is to capture images of Long Beach that celebrate this vast, vivid, vibrant city. The result will be a showcase of photographs that define unique aspects of individuals’ lives during the same period. I know what I might attempt to capture, but I can’t wait to see our part of the world through your eyes…





Turnt Up!


Today is National Gyro Day! Opa! I love gyros. I love Greek/Mediterranean food. I could eat it every day. Mr. says he could eat Mexican food every day, but – as much as I love Mexican food – I think that might get a little tiresome. Speaking of Mexican, it just dawned on me (no, really!) that gyros are kind of like a burrito. Wait! Before you hate on me, think about it. You have your warm, meaty filling, and some veggies, and a dairy type sauce, all wrapped up in a kind of dough. Anyhoo, one of the things I often order from George’s Greek Cafe on 2nd Street is a gyro. And the garlic feta fries. Oh. My. Goodness. My mouth is salivating right now, and I just ate lunch. P.S. George’s delivers, and you can order online. You’re welcome.

Gyros are made from placing pieces of meat on a tall, vertical rotisserie in the shape of an inverted cone. The meat rotates, and gets heated up all around, remaining moist, yet crisp. TBH, I like when I get those pieces that are maybe just a teeny bit too cooked. Love those crispy edges! The word “gyro” comes from the Greek work for “turn.” You’re welcome again. Soo, the meat is sliced off the rotisserie in long, vertical strips, placed in a pita with cucumber, red onion, and tomato, then topped with tzatziki sauce. You know it’s a good one when you pick it up and the sauce runs down your hand. Most people call it a “jy-roe,” but a more authentic pronunciation is closer to “yee-roh.” I’m going to go ahead and paraphrase a line from Sixteen Candles here, then wrap (HAHA get it?!) this up. “You don’t spell say it, son You eat it!” Now, go get some…