Fins Up!


I’m not one of those people who is a car “nut,” but I do appreciate a thing of beauty when I see one. Cars can fall into that category. From classic roadsters, to coupes, sedans, and convertibles, or muscle cars, sports cars, and hot rods. This Sunday, you’ll get a chance to see them all at the Annual Belmont Shore Car Show. This show is produced by the BSBA and the Bay City Rodders. It’s free to attend; it runs from 9 am – 3 pm. 100% of the proceeds from the registered entrants goes to charity. It’s also one of the rare times that 2nd Street is closed to vehicular traffic (so plan accordingly.) Because this event happens to take place on 9/11, there will be a remembrance service starting at 9:00 am in front of Fire Station 8, and a moment of silence at 9:11 am.

But guys, this isn’t just about cars. I mean, it’s occurring on 2nd Street. First of all, there are all of the shops, bars, and restaurants that we all love to visit. There will also be a variety of street vendors. There will be over 500 vehicles, and approximately 40,000 people are expected to be in attendance. It’s a terrific opportunity to get out, do some walking and people watching, grab some snacks throughout the day, and maybe even have a few adult beverages…




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