It’s officially football season! Part of football is MNF, and you know you don’t want to miss any of the game. So dinner is either something that can be prepared in advance, and eaten later (like chili,) or anything delivery. There were two games on last night, and my team was playing the earlier game. We probably could have waited until the game was over, and had a late dinner, but Mr. and I decided to order in some pizza. We tried a newish place (at least new to us,) called Fat Tomato Pizza. It’s over on Broadway; not quite in BS, but close enough that they deliver, and that’s gotta’ count for something, right? It looked appealing because they tout organic, local produce and mozzarella that is shredded daily. All of their doughs, sauces, and dressings are made fresh daily, in-house.

We went with a white pizza with spinach and garlic (I think it was The Popeye,) and added sliced tomatoes. Suuper yummy, with a really thin crust. We also decided to try the garlic parmesan wings. Let me tell you about wings. My #1 is that they have to be crispy. That’s why I almost never order wings for delivery. The other thing is that Mr. likes BBQ, and I like spicy. So, I figured these would be a good compromise. The garlic parmesan was a bit mild for my taste, but they were actually crispy, and they served them with a side of buffalo sauce. (Bonus!) They will definitely be a keeper in our book! Check this place out, especially if you are already thinking ahead to TNF…






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