Rain Man


IDK if you noticed, but it rained in BS yesterday. Actual raindrops falling from the sky. Not bad, just enough to make some splotches on the sidewalk. LA and SD had it worse, I heard (today, too.) It hasn’t rained for a good 6 months here. Thing is, I knew it was going to rain yesterday. The weather forecasters didn’t predict it. So, am I a meteorologist, and you didn’t know it? Do I have some kid of special barometric sensors in my brain? Nope. I got my car detailed on Sunday. Not like, spray the hose over it, or one of those do-it-yourself places. Not the drive through car wash at the gas station, or one of those hand-wash places where they do it for you. Detailed. De.Tailed. On Sunday. So, of course it was going to rain on Monday.

I went to Long Beach Auto Detail. Their address is on 2nd Street, but I like to say they’re on Pomona because they are actually in the parking lot behind Boubouffe. And who cares what the actual address is, or what Google Maps say, as long as you can find it, right?! The guys there are all super nice. They do car washes, interior/exterior dealing, window tinting, and some other stuff guys would probably be into. Just kidding. No, I’m not. I was getting both an interior and exterior detail. They said if I could bring it in in the morning, it would be finished before the end of the day. I took it in at 9:00, and they quoted me by 4:00.

The location is great because you can either just walk home while you wait for your car, or wander 2nd Street until it’s ready. Maybe even hang out at the beach. And, they are open 7 days a week! When they called me, it was ready more than an hour early. And it was beautiful! Like new. Oh, and the price was really reasonable too. I don’t see any more rain in the forecast, so go, if you’re feeling brave…




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