Guys, there is a “yuuuge” festival coming up this weekend (starting today.) It’s not in BS, but in Downtown/East Village. I don’t care, because it sounds like it’s going to be amazing. It’s the Music Tastes Good Festival, and it starts today (Friday) at 5:00. It’s a music festival, with a “Farm-to-Taste Experience.” This farm-to-table dinner takes place on Saturday (there are 4 sessions to choose from,) at Padre. The meal will feature locally-sourced food, prepared by six of the best chefs in Long Beach, who are each teaming up with a guest chef of their selection. A portion of the dinner proceeds will be donated to Long Beach Fresh, which supports eaters, feeders, and seeders in our community.

As promising as the food sounds, the lineup sounds even more exciting. Music ranging from hip-hop and electronic, to punk and ska, folk, Latin, and everything in between. There are going to be four stages, and some killer tunes! Seriously, you have to check out the schedule. This is where I would normally rattle off a bunch of names of participating bands, but I don’t even know where to start! Well, OK, maybe with The Specials…





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