Something Wicked


Something wicked this way comes to 2nd Street in Belmont Shore! Tomorrow is Halloween, and that means Trick or Treat on 2nd Street. Calling all ghosts and goblins, princesses, superheroes, witches, creatures, animals, and everything else you can imagine. Participating businesses on 2nd Street will be handing out some serious treats for costumers (see what I did there) on Monday from 4:00 to 6:00. Get out for some adult beverages and people-watching; or dress up your littles, and let them wander the streets in a safe environment. Let me tell you: for Halloween, 2nd Street is the place to be…




Howlin Good


I’m sorry (no I’m not,) but I’m one of those people who laughs at the misfortune of others. Only if no one gets hurt. And, I’m really clumsy, so I feel like I give it back to the universe, so it’s OK. Dogs in costumes are one of those things. The poor pups. They have no say in this. I’m sure they don’t want to dress up in a costume. Not to mention that they don’t even get to pick the costume! But it’s hilarious. Their sad, little, miserable faces in these ridiculous get-ups. I love it. That’s why this evening, I’m looking forward to checking out Pussy and Pooch Howl-O-Ween in BS.

The event starts at 6:00 tonight at Pussy and Pooch, with a costume contest. But (and this is the best part,) it ends at Tavern on 2! They’re having a Creepy Dog Crawl down the street for an outdoor party with drink specials to benefit Friends of Long Beach Animals. You’ll be having a great time, and helping out animals in our community. Adult beverages. Animals in costume. Charity. Everybody wins! I know, you’re thinking but I have to work tomorrow. Look at it this way: Today is Thursday. And the event is tonight, which means Thursday is practically over, and it’s really Friday. Friday is the beginning of the weekend. So, it’s petty much the weekend today…





There has been talk of a seafood restaurant opening in BS for quite a few years now. I loooove seafood. Oysters, clams, shrimp, lobster, crab, fish. All. Of. It. I could probably eat seafood every day. For reals. So, I’ve been excited. But, I guess this restaurant was having some financial issues (aren’t we all?) And maybe some kind of zoning issues (not sure on that one.) So they opened a smaller market-type place where you can either get raw seafood to prepare at home, or get a quick-grab prepared by them to eat at their sidewalk seating. Roe Xpress was good. Don’t get me wrong. Drinking Buddy goes there every time he is in BS to get some of their poke. But the “real” restaurant has finally opened!

Mr. and I went to dinner last night at Roe Restaurant, and it was everything I hoped it would be and more! First of all, the space is visually stunning. Very open and airy, with globe lights dangling above the seating, and Edison lights above the bar. You can see the gorgeous artwork on one of the walls. And those trees? Yup. Planted right in the restaurant. With the precious twinkle lights laced through the branches. The DJ was playing the perfect selection of music that I can only describe as “chill.” Of course, Mr. and I sampled many a couple of their specialty cocktails (I suggest the Sriracha martini.) And the food. The food! Fresh, sustainable, unique, and utterly delicious. I feel that says it all…






Yeah, yeah. We all know, Fall is here. Pumpkin Spice lattes, Triscuits, beer, blah, blah. I won’t get into that again. As much as I’d love to. Know what other produce is soon to be seasonally appropriate? Blood Oranges! I love blood oranges. Blood oranges are way better than pumpkins! (Unless you want to carve one. Then I’d say for sure, go for the pumpkin.) You get that tart, citrus orange taste with a bit of sweetness. I like to think of it as a blend between an orange and a raspberry. You know what else I love? Beer. What a surprise, right? I have quite a penchant for IPAs, but have never been too crazy for Wheat beers. Sure, on a hot Summer day, you might catch me throwing one back. But they are usually just too, well, wheaty for me. So imagine my surprise when I found one I enjoyed! This is Track 7 Brewing Company’s Blood Transfusion Wheat India Pale Ale wth Blood Orange.

Whew! That’s a long name. But you know what they say, “Long name. Long flavor.” OK, I just made that up, but I think it might be true. Track 7 Brewery is a small-batch brewery located near Sacramento. They specialize in brewing and pouring unique artisanal beers. The name comes from the brewery’s proximity to the old Western Pacific railroad tracks, and as a nod to the integral role the railroad has played in Sacramento’s history. Their approach to beer leans strongly toward the hopped West Coast tradition. I had this beer on tap at my favorite BS gastropub. It poured a golden orange (as expected form a wheat beer) color, with a slight head. Medium body and hoppy aroma, with both citrus and pine notes. Slightly bitter, with subtle blood orange, and a definite orange zest finish at the back. So, y’all can go ahead and take your pumpkin flavored whatever. Give me a Blood Transfusion any day…





Chalk It Up


I remember as a child, cracking open a box of chalk, and letting my imagination soar, as we scribbled all over the sidewalk at home. My brother and I would use up every square inch of space, then we’d have to wait for the summer rains to come and wash away our masterpieces, so we could start all over again. The Community Action Team’s 13th Annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest takes place tomorrow, but don’t worry, these creations don’t have a chance of being washed away by rain. Not only because it hardly ever rains here, but because the artists design their works of art on a large sheet of paper affixed to the sidewalk. This way, they can take them home, or sell them when the contest is over.

This event will attract over 80 seasoned artists to compete for cash prizes in categories including Best In Show, Directors Award, Honorable Mention, and more! The works will be displayed along 2nd Street beginning at 9:00 am. The craftspeople have until about 4:00 to complete them, when they will be judged in front of the Chase Bank. So when you’re wandering around tomorrow, shopping, brunching, enjoying adult beverages, be sure to look down at the sidewalk. You never know what inspiration you will find…



The Dutch Reach


We all love to utilize the bike lane while driving through traffic. But did you ever see someone riding in the lane, only to be stopped short by a driver opening their door without looking? Cycling in a city can be dangerous; not only do bicyclists have to be aware of cars and pedestrians, but they have to be hyper-aware of that point when car drivers are about to become pedestrians. The phenomenon of bikers getting hit by an opening car door is so common it has its own term: dooring. Even if the cyclist is quick enough to see the door open, then swerve, they still risk the possibility of getting hit by cars. Ultimately, cities should design better solutions to accommodate bicyclists, but we all know that takes time and money.

In the meantime, we could learn a thing or two from a practice found in Europe called “The Dutch Reach.” Basically, instead of using their door-side (left) arm, they reach over with their other (right) arm to open the door when exiting the car. This simple shift causes drivers to look back naturally and see whether or not there are oncoming bicyclists. Your head and shoulders are positioned so that you are looking out, past the rearview mirror. I have seen cyclists actually run into car doors, and it’s not pretty. So, whether or not you practice The Dutch Reach, just remember to look out for bikers when exiting your car…



Run, Long Beach!


It’s that time of the year, when the Long Beach Marathon is taking place! An estimated 25,000 participants are expected for this year’s event. And, why wouldn’t they want to compete in this race? It’s one of the most scenic and one of the flattest courses in California. Runners will get to enjoy views of the picturesque lighthouse, the historic Queen Mary, down the beautiful oceanside beach path, through the student-filled CSULB campus, back up Ocean Blvd, and more. Now remember, streets will be closed beginning at midnight tonight, so plan your parking and driving schedule accordingly.

If you’re not a runner, you can still check out the Health & Fitness Expo toady at the Convention Center. Or even better, get out on the route and cheer on the participants! I’ve done that in the past, and the runners seem to really appreciate it. Their smiles alone will make it worth getting up early on a Sunday morning…



Beach Love


I’m kinda’ torn about posting this. Mr. and I celebrated an anniversary last night at this fantastic (sorta’ new) restaurant, Playa Amor. It’s a small place, tucked away in a shopping plaza, but with great atmosphere. Lots of outdoor seating. The food and drinks were fantastic! We sampled 4 different adult beverages, all winners. The menu was fairly extensive, and pretty unique. We settled on a variety of small plates, as we simply couldn’t decide. The service was great, our waiter was very knowledgable and witty. The prices were reasonable, too.

So why am I hesitant about sharing this restaurant with you? Because it’s not in BS. I feel pretty comfortable with my decision, though, because it’s less than 3 miles away. It’s pretty close to BS. I could ride my bike there, if I wanted to. But I wouldn’t because I would want to be able to enjoy those wonderful cocktails…



Decisions, Decisions


OK, whoever creates these holidays needs to get it together! Today is National Taco Day, National Vodka Day, and World Animal Day. These are three pretty awesome things, and they should definitely be celebrated, but I think each one needs their own day, so we can give them the proper attention they require. Let’s see. I already hugged a dog today, so that’s an easy and enjoyable one. It’s coincidentally Tuesday, a.k.a. Taco Tuesday, so I guess that means we are having tacos for dinner. And vodka. Hmm. I know margaritas are traditionally paired with tacos, but I’m sure we could work out a deal with vodka. Just for today…




What’s Up?


Are you trying to see what’s going on at the Long Beach Museum of Art? Well, don’t just stand there, peeping in the window, go in and check it out! This awesome dude is part of the Vitality & Verve: In the 3rd Dimension exhibit. If you recall, there was a Vitality & Verve exhibit last year that was pretty cool. It features immersive, multi-media installations by a select group of internationally renowned urban contemporary artists. This year includes ceramic artists, sculptors, painters, and more. These pieces are so clever, and moving, you can’t help but leave feeling inspired; I can’t even begin to explain them. I highly recommend watching the “making of” video that runs on a loop; very informative. And, get there quickly, as this exhibit ends October 16th…