Chalk It Up


I remember as a child, cracking open a box of chalk, and letting my imagination soar, as we scribbled all over the sidewalk at home. My brother and I would use up every square inch of space, then we’d have to wait for the summer rains to come and wash away our masterpieces, so we could start all over again. The Community Action Team’s 13th Annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest takes place tomorrow, but don’t worry, these creations don’t have a chance of being washed away by rain. Not only because it hardly ever rains here, but because the artists design their works of art on a large sheet of paper affixed to the sidewalk. This way, they can take them home, or sell them when the contest is over.

This event will attract over 80 seasoned artists to compete for cash prizes in categories including Best In Show, Directors Award, Honorable Mention, and more! The works will be displayed along 2nd Street beginning at 9:00 am. The craftspeople have until about 4:00 to complete them, when they will be judged in front of the Chase Bank. So when you’re wandering around tomorrow, shopping, brunching, enjoying adult beverages, be sure to look down at the sidewalk. You never know what inspiration you will find…




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