Howlin Good


I’m sorry (no I’m not,) but I’m one of those people who laughs at the misfortune of others. Only if no one gets hurt. And, I’m really clumsy, so I feel like I give it back to the universe, so it’s OK. Dogs in costumes are one of those things. The poor pups. They have no say in this. I’m sure they don’t want to dress up in a costume. Not to mention that they don’t even get to pick the costume! But it’s hilarious. Their sad, little, miserable faces in these ridiculous get-ups. I love it. That’s why this evening, I’m looking forward to checking out Pussy and Pooch Howl-O-Ween in BS.

The event starts at 6:00 tonight at Pussy and Pooch, with a costume contest. But (and this is the best part,) it ends at Tavern on 2! They’re having a Creepy Dog Crawl down the street for an outdoor party with drink specials to benefit Friends of Long Beach Animals. You’ll be having a great time, and helping out animals in our community. Adult beverages. Animals in costume. Charity. Everybody wins! I know, you’re thinking but I have to work tomorrow. Look at it this way: Today is Thursday. And the event is tonight, which means Thursday is practically over, and it’s really Friday. Friday is the beginning of the weekend. So, it’s petty much the weekend today…




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