Giving Tuesday


Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Shopping, shopping, shopping! Well, today is the day to give back. Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Instead of kicking off shopping season, it kicks off the charitable season. It’s easy to participate. Donate to your favorite non-profit. Volunteer at a local organization. Do something kind for your neighbor, your mailman, a stranger. And create your #unselfie. Share how you are giving or who you are giving to and post it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Encourage your friends and family to #unselfie, too. The best part is it makes you feel good when you do good. So, get out there and give. Give your talents, your time, your money. And remember, it doesn’t have to be a “special” day to give…







Mr. and I decided to do a non-traditional Thanksgiving today, so it seems odd to be sitting here, watching football instead of bustling in the kitchen. But I tell ya’, it is pretty nice. I love this time of the year, though because I love reflecting on all of the little things I have in my life to be thankful for. Everyday things that we usually take for granted. However you are spending your day, I hope you take the time to contemplate all of the good in your life, and that you appreciate it. Happy Thanksgiving! Today and every day…


Turkey Trot!


Thanksgiving is tomorrow! That means gorging yourself on turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and that goopy green bean casserole. Then crashing on the sofa and watching football (probably while snoozing.) No? You try to lead a healthy lifestyle, and want to have a better day? Start your day off with the Long Beach Turkey Trot.  The Thanksgiving Day 5K/10K Run/Walk and Kids 1/2-Mile Wingding will take place at the Granada Boat Launch Ramp in BS. There are 3 different start times for the Turkey Trot, and 2 start times for the kiddos. You can register on race day, but you will need to do so at least 30 minutes prior to your selected start time. Cost is $40 (cash only.) Wait, what? Yes. This event raises thousands of dollars needed for the Community Action Team. 100% of the amount raised goes towards this charity. The C.A.T. puts on more than 60 annual projects/events/contests focused mostly on animal, environmental and youth welfare.

The whole course is on the beach path, you can either run or walk, whatever your preference. There will be water stations, restrooms, and refreshments. So, start your T-day off with a lovely oceanfront walk. Then have a light turkey dinner. Or don’t. At least if you Turkey Trot, maybe you won’t feel so guilty when you stuff yourself with stuffing…






I remember one of my early posts – in fact, one of my first posts – I was complaining about the rain. Well, not complaining. I was commenting how it never rains in southern California; at least not in Long Beach. And, I was OK with that, because I’m not a huge fan of the rain. Well, I guess I have a bit of a confession. I don’t mind the rain on days like today. It’s a little chilly. I’m tucked into the sofa with BF and a cozy blanket. Watching football all day. TBH, it’s nice to have an excuse to not do anything or go anywhere…



Event News!


I have exciting news today! livingtheBS has teamed up with Belmonts Crafty Neighbors to hold a beer tasting event! The tasting will take place at Tavern on 2 on Thursday, December 1, starting at 6:30 pm. We will be sampling two beers from Ommegang Brewery, and two limited edition beers from Boulevard Brewery. So, that’s four 5 ounce flights for only $15! Plus, there will be other food and beer specials available to our group, and maybe even some other surprises! You’ll need to RSVP to this event on Facebook. Belmonts Crafty Neighbors is a group of craft beer lovers from the Belmont Shore/Belmont Heights areas. We’d love to have you join us! Just tell them livingtheBS sent you. Hope to see you in two weeks…



Not Just Today


Today is World Kindness Day. A day that was born when a collection of humanitarian groups came together on November 13, 1997 and made a “Declaration of Kindness.” Donating books to Riley’s Red Wagon Book Swap, collecting food and/or clothes for our local homeless community, or volunteering somewhere are all great ways to celebrate. However, pledging to commit just one act of kindness is no less worthwhile: hold the door open for a stranger, smile at people you pass by on the sidewalk, let your partner have control of the TV remote for the evening, help someone carry their groceries, buy the person in line behind you at Starbucks their coffee. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture; it doesn’t have to cost a thing. And it doesn’t have to be just today. Why do we need some kind of proclamation telling us to be kind?! Shouldn’t we behave this way every day?! Be kind every day. It will give you the warm fuzzies, and you will probably make someone’s day…



Thank You


I’ve been kind of quiet since Election Day. I’m one of those people who believes that politics just shouldn’t be discussed. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if you are going to debate your friends (or strangers,) it should be done with utmost respect by all parties. So, I’m not going to address the results of the election, or the ongoing activities. But, I still feel like we all need to take the time to acknowledge our veterans, and active military, and those who work or volunteer to help them in their lives.

Veterans, for your patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good, I thank you…





Halloween is over, and it’s November. Since when does that mean it’s automatically Christmas? Christmas commercials. Christmas movies. Countdown to Christmas. What about Countdown to Thanksgiving?! Why do we have to countdown to anything?! Can’t we just appreciate each day as it comes? It’s Monday. It’s November 7th. Enjoy this day. Savor what we have right now. This kind of started out as a rant, but it reminds me of a poem I wrote in college:

Passes us by
Without a word
Without a sound
Without a second thought
We are
Whisked through time
And never
Have a chance
To hold on
Or slow down
Until it is
Too late
And all we can do
Is look back

So, don’t rush it. Don’t push it. Just live it and be…

Full Circle


It’s crazy how things work out. Remember my post a couple of months ago, Rich Says Hi? I recounted the first time (or one of the first times) I was at Simmzy’s, and how the beer “description” made a connection to me with my father. Well, last night, I met that Rich. I felt compelled to share my story with him, and after I did, I watched the goosebumps appear on his arms, and we embraced.

I was at a beer tasting event in BS with Belmonts Crafty Neighbors. It was at a bar at which I normally don’t hang out. And TBH, I kind of felt like I wasn’t even sure that I really wanted to go. But, I’m co-hosting an event with them next month, and I knew I had to go to meet everyone. First of all, it was a great time, and I made lots of new friends. It was a Strand Brewing Co. tasting, and the owner was there. He was making his rounds, and stopped to talk to me. He introduced himself as Rich, and there was no doubt that I was supposed to be in that exact location at that exact moment…