Full Circle


It’s crazy how things work out. Remember my post a couple of months ago, Rich Says Hi? I recounted the first time (or one of the first times) I was at Simmzy’s, and how the beer “description” made a connection to me with my father. Well, last night, I met that Rich. I felt compelled to share my story with him, and after I did, I watched the goosebumps appear on his arms, and we embraced.

I was at a beer tasting event in BS with Belmonts Crafty Neighbors. It was at a bar at which I normally don’t hang out. And TBH, I kind of felt like I wasn’t even sure that I really wanted to go. But, I’m co-hosting an event with them next month, and I knew I had to go to meet everyone. First of all, it was a great time, and I made lots of new friends. It was a Strand Brewing Co. tasting, and the owner was there. He was making his rounds, and stopped to talk to me. He introduced himself as Rich, and there was no doubt that I was supposed to be in that exact location at that exact moment…




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