I have this “hobby” of looking through food blogs and saving (I’m not a Pinner) recipes that I might make in the future. Most of them are savory, as you know I’m not that great of a baker. I’m not really “bad” per se;  I just don’t have the patience. Baking is too scientific for me. My mom, on the other hand, was a great baker. I remember as a child, around Christmastime, she would make dozens of cookies. 5-6 different varieties. There would always be a plate at the ready in case visitors dropped by, or my parents hosted a dinner party, or needed a quick gift. Lately, I have been seeing lots of recipes for baked goods, and it got me reminiscing to one of the kinds of cookies that she would only make at Christmas. They were these little buttery sandwich cookies. The outsides of the cookies were dipped in sugar. It gave them a crunchy texture and reminded me of the shimmer of new-fallen snow. They ensconced a luscious buttercream filling (always pink and green.)

I was scrolling through some recipes the other day and – lo and behold! – this recipe appeared. I knew immediately that these were the cookies. Now, no offense to the author of that post or her Granny, but I know for sure we never called these “Grease Cookies.” Upon further Googling, I found the more common name for these is either Cream Wafers or Swedish Cream Wafers. The memories of sitting in the kitchen with my mom watching her bake flooded in. I saved the recipe (ya’ never know) and then sent it to my brother. His simple response said it all, “I love these.” I just thought I’d share this recipe with you, in case it reminds you of a special moment in your childhood. Or, maybe you want to create your own Christmas tradition…





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