Don’t Panic


So, Christmas is next week. Everyone is hustling and bustling, getting last minute gifts, shipping packages, mailing cards, planning menus. But not you. You’re all squared away, right?! Or did you forget that you are hosting your friends for Christmas Eve? Or maybe that you promised your sister you’d bring an appetizer for Christmas Day? Never fear, cheese is here! IDK if you know about my passion for cheese, but I love cheese, even more so than beer (shocking, right?) Well, remember I told you about the best little cheese shop in BS? They have platters and gift baskets!

You can go by the shop and pick out all of your favorites, or just give them your budget and they will select a collection for you. They will assemble a decorated platter with cheese, cheese labels, fruits, charcuterie, and other assorted accroutrements. If you’re a procrastinator like me, you can place your order as late as December 23rd, and pick it up on Christmas Eve (they are open until 2:30.) hmmm, I think Mr. and I just might enjoy sitting by the tree on Christmas Eve with a bottle of champagne and a lovely array of cheeses. The best part is that, you can present this to your guests or give as a gift while Cheese Addiction does all of the work, and you get all of the credit…







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