Happy Solstice!


“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that in me, there lay an invincible summer.” ~Albert Camus

OK, that may be a little dramatic. IDK that we get the “depth” of winter here in SoCal. But you get the idea. I know we could have it much worse. I’ve been there. I’ll be the first to admit it: we are very lucky. It’s not the cold, though. It’s the dark. So, why am I excited that today is the first day of winter? It’s the shortest day of the year! That means the days start getting longer. No more getting into my jammies and hibernating at 5:00. No more going out to dinner and thinking we need to rush home because it’s almost bedtime (when really it’s only 8:00.) No more sealing up the apartment by closing the curtains and doors because it’s “so dark and cold out.” I revel in the sunlight, and I miss it during these months. One thing I’m certain of, though, is that Mother Nature makes up for the coldness and darkness of winter with her beautiful sunsets. I feel like these are the most dramatic skies. And although they are quite stunning, I’ll take sunshine at 8:00 pm any day…





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