It’s difficult to write about someone you don’t know, have never even met. But I have given a lot of thought to this post, and I felt I needed to mention the passing of a community member. Fred Khammar was Long Beach’s beach concessionaire and event promoter for more than two decades, founding Alfredo’s Beach Club. He had great plans to make our beachfront more active, bringing in visitors from outside of Long Beach. He hosted free events on the beach such as the Pirate Invasion, Moonlight Movies on the Beach, The Tiki Festival, The Long Beach Love Festival, just to name a few. Fun, family-friendly occasions that welcomed in all ages, races, religions, nationalities, and more. So if you, like me, have never met him, I’m sure he has touched your life if you have ever attended one of these festivities. And I’m sure his legacy will live on through them…




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