Death by Duck


I kinda’ watch a lot of food shows on TV. Competition shows, shows about favorite things to eat, shows about new places to go. And, I like to make a note of some of the places that are nearby, or in a location I think I might visit. One of the shows featured a gastropub in LA called Beer Belly. Craft beers, various wings, yummy sandos, snacks, salads, and even cocktails. The thing is, I don’t really get to Koreatown all that often. So, when I found out a Beer Belly was opening in LBC, I knew I had to visit! Granted, it’s not in BS, but it was like a $5 Über ride. I summoned Drinking Buddy, and we were set for our adventure. (Is it sad that I think of a 3-mile trip as an adventure?)

Beer Belly sits on the corner of LB Blvd. and 3rd Street. It definitely has an industrial look, with sleek architecture, pendant lights, and metal tables. But it still seems to remain light and airy with high ceilings and a graffiti-inspired focal wall. I knew before going there that we were going to try the Death by Duck fries. Yeah. Tossed in duck fat, with duck skin cracklings, and topped with duck confit; served with a raspberry mustard to get some acidity to cut through all of that fat. We also had the “favorite” buttermilk fried chicken. OMG! So tender and juicy inside, with crispy outsides, cut into perfect shareable strips. Despite the alluring craft beer selections, we decided to go with an Old Fashioned. Another winner! They make a strong tasty cocktail! There were so many other delectable-sounding eats and drinks, I can’t wait to go back…





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