Mystic Pizza


ahhhhh, pizza! Thin crust, deep dish Chicago-style, New York style, pan pizza, wood-fired, grilled, round, square, flatbread, red sauce, white sauce, no sauce, meaty, cheesy, veggified. Pizza rolls, french bread pizza, bagel pizza, pita pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza?! As if we need another reason to devour an entire pizza a slice, today is National Pizza Day! Guys, there are so many places in BS to get delicious pizza, and so many different varieties. You can head to what is probably the oldest restaurant in Long Beach, Domenico’s, and get their ground pepperoni pizza. If you want just a slice (and maybe a beer,) check out 2nd Street Pizzeria. Want deep dish? Head to the (relatively new) Rance’s Chicago Pizza. For more artisanal style pizzas, walk into or order delivery from zpizza. That’s my “healthy” pizza; they have vegan and gluten-free options, and use organic, non-gmo, preservative-free ingredients. Breakfast pizza? Simmzy’s. Mankoushe? Open Sesame. Flatbread? Saint & 2nd. Do you have enough choices yet? Then, get out there and eat some pizza! Because I could go on and on and on…



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