You’re Fired!


Do you ever find yourself somewhere that you really enjoy, but hardly ever go? And you wonder to yourself, “Why don’t I come here more often?” That happened to Mr. and me yesterday. We went to Restauration for brunch. We’ve been there before, and it’s always been wonderful; we just don’t go frequently. Why? Not sure. No, it’s not in BS, but it’s like a $5 Über ride. Why should we miss out on it just because we can’t walk there?

If you haven’t been there (or haven’t been there lately,) you should go. Restauration is a farm-to-table restaurant that works closely with Farm Lot 59. In fact, a few years ago, Mr. and I attended a lunch that the chef from Restauration created at the Farm, right on the grounds. It doesn’t get any fresher than that! But, I digress. One of the things I love about this place is their wood-fired oven. They don’t just cook pizzas in it, but wraps, and frittatas, and they even roast veggies in it. It’s the perfect outside patio; covered to protect you from the rain (like today) with heaters, yet still open and airy. The sunshade works wonders in the blazing heat, too. The service is fantastic. And the food. The food! I can’t even describe it; you have to experience it for yourself. I have to confess, too: I kinda’ love a place that delivers your bottomless mimosas with a jug full of champagne, and a tiny carafe of juice (you can get OJ or grapefruit.) When they say bottomless, they mean bottomless! Needless to say, we left there in bliss yesterday. Pleased that we finally dragged our asses out of bed journeyed a bit out of BS, and reminded that Restauration needs to be put on the regular schedule…







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