The Worst


Everybody wants to be first, right? First means you are a winner. First in line to get the good stuff. First to try a new gadget. First to enjoy a new bar or restaurant. As Ricky Bobby said, “If  you ain’t first, you’re last.” But what if 1st is worst and 2nd is best? The BSBA feels that way about 2nd Street! They’ve created a new promotion for 2nd Street in Belmont Shore: Where 2nd Is Best. And they are reminding us this by these fun sidewalk decals scattered in various locations. There’s always something fun to do or see on 2nd Street. There are new businesses opening. There’s great people-watching. It’s the perfect place if you just want to get in a walk or a bike ride. So, if you haven’t been there lately, you should go check things out…





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