Late Nights


Daylight Savings Time started this morning (or, last night, however you look at it.) People mostly complain about DST. They claim they are losing an hour of sleep. So, go to bed earlier, or sleep in later. That’s why they have it on a Sunday, isn’t it?  NBD. You might have missed brunch today (gasp!) but, your liver was you were probably due for a break, anyways. Here’s why I actually like DST: longer days. Remember back to those cold February afternoons? It started to get dark at like 4:00. 4:00! Happy Hour wasn’t even over, and it felt like it was time for bed. Now, slowly, day by day, the evenings will be getting longer and longer. It stays light until like 9:00. Sooo much more time to enjoy outdoor activities like walking, biking, hiking, surfing, skating, volleyball, basketball, shopping. Or even daydrinking…







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