St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow. Are you planning on heading out to celebrate? There are so many Irish places on 2nd Street, you could build-your-own bar crawl! If you’re like me, you’ll want to start during the day. Head upstairs to Murphy’s Pub and bask in the sunshine out on their balcony. Enjoy the people-watching from above. (Side note: this is a good place for the beginning of your drinking journey, as the stairs may be difficult to navigate by the end of the day.) After that, you may want to wander over to Quinn’s. Hopefully, it’s still early enough that you can get in and squeeze your way up to the bar. You’ll be able to get some tasty craft beers here, and I betcha’ they’ll even have green Jell-o shots! By now, you’re probably feeling a bit peckish. More craft beer and some tasty grub can be found at Riley’s. You should be able to find a seat, here. If you’re lucky, you can get one out on the patio. Finally, right next door is Shannon’s Bayshore.  It’s a good thing this is the last stop, because this is where the liquor starts flowing. For some reason, we always end up in “trouble” here. After this little bar tour, your Über should be waiting to take you home.

Now, did you notice that not once did we drink green beer? Stay away from that stuff! Get a Guinness or a Smithwick’s. If you’d like something a little lighter, try a Harp. As far as liquor, I’m a Jameson kinda’ gal, but you could also try Bushmills or Redbreast. Finally, you could take this in a completely different direction. Get a case six-pack of Guinness. Cook up some corned beef and cabbage, and some yummy colcannon. Maybe even watch an Irish-inspired movie like Brooklyn, or The Commitments, or the campy Leprechaun. And be thankful you’re not out dealing with all of those crazies…







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