Knot It!


I feel lit’s always best to have a little snack every now & then when we’re having adult beverages. One thing I love is a soft pretzel. That soft, fluffy dough enveloped in a crisp, salty crust. Usually served with some kind of dipping accoutrement. Guess what? Today is National Pretzel Day! If you’re out and about today, wondering what to snack on, why not stop in and get yourself a tasty pretzel? Riley’s makes a killer German-style soft pretzel twist, served with beer cheese (God, yes!) and Bavarian mustard. It’s even big enough to share. Brix has a yummy homemade pretzel stick, served with a jalapeño-honey mustard. If you prefer the crunchy kind, Quinn’s offers complimentary mini pretzel twists. People say that bars serve salty snacks because they make you thirsty, and it will get you to drink more beer. IDK who these people are, but they say it like it’s a negative thing…





oh, I See…


I remember, as a child, we used to lay in the grass and stare up at the clouds in the sky. We’d try to pick out images from their shapes; they usually came out as animals. Do you ever see things in other things? Like a leopard in the middle of an orchid? IDK why I was surprised, but I just learned there’s a word for that. Pareidolia.


1. the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon to have human features


There’s this article, or just Google pareidolia and search by images. Entertaining, no? So, take some time out to lay in the grass or on the beach and stare up into the sky. You never know what you’ll see…




It’s Easter weekend. As a child, my Dad would always get my Mom a hyacinth before Easter. I’d walk into the house and didn’t even have to see it to know it was there; the fragrant scent filled the air. I was raised Catholic, and this holiday was a huge deal for us. Lots of church time starting on Holy Thursday. Good Friday meant many more hours of church, along with fasting and no TV. I remember many businesses would be closed. Holy Saturday was a reprieve from services. But it was when we’d have our Easter meal, an aromatic ham, with that brilliant hyacinth as the centerpiece on the dining room table.

Now, Easter Sunday. That was a day. The day. We’d get dressed in our finest and head out early to church. You had to get there early if you wanted a seat (a seat, not just a good seat.) Easter was one of the days the Submarine Catholics came out. Our neighbor across the street was one of those. My friend and her Mom would attend services regularly, but Mr. Ray would only come for Christmas and Easter. Oh wait. You don’t know what a Submarine Catholic is? They are the people who only surface at church twice a year. They are the reason it was SRO on those days. We’d be jammed into the pew. The altar would be flooded with glorious flowers and Spring decorations. Sometimes, the priest would bring out a live lamb, or bunnies, or chicks to accompany his sermon with a flourish. After mass, we’d spend the rest of the day traveling to visit relatives, and indulging in traditional Easter foods.

As we got older, Good Friday meant no school, or no work. It was a great reason to go out to Happy Hour, though. Church slipped away. Grandparents and Great-Grandparents passed away. And, while I still have a Faith, those past family customs are no longer practiced. So, however you are celebrating this weekend – whether at the bar, with family, or a quiet day at home – I hope you have warm memories to reflect upon. And that you remember to keep the Faith…





Great Eggs-pectations

empty basket

Easter is next week, and I know families have different traditions for Easter treats. When we were young, the Easter Bunny would come to the house at night, while we were asleep, and hide goody-filled baskets. My brother and I would wake up early, before church, so we could search the house and indulge in some chocolate before heading out for the day. I’m sure children in BS will be waking up, excited to hunt Easter eggs, or see what the Bunny left in their basket. But, there are many who will go without; who often go without. Well, you can help brighten a child’s day! Operation Easter Basket seeks to bring joy and hope to children in desperate situations through gift-filled Easter baskets. You can create baskets filled with small toys, some candy, school supplies, and more. You can take up a collection at school, church, or work. You can simply make a tax-deductible donation. You can volunteer. These baskets are distributed to local organizations such as Rescue Missions, Family Centers, Housing Developments, Child Family Services, and so many more worthy groups. I’m not really one of those people who goes around spouting famous quotes, but today, I feel like one of Gandhi’s is appropriate: In a gentle way, you can shake the world






0 to 60


Not much has been going on in the BS household lately. Mr. has been laid up, and I’ve been doing my best to take care of him. I’ve kinda’ been “nesting,” myself. It has been quiet around here. That’s about to change starting tomorrow. The Grand Prix of Long Beach is in town this weekend, and events start tomorrow (Wednesday,) right here in BS! Roar in The Shore is coming to 2nd Street tomorrow from 5-8 pm. It’s a fan festival featuring a variety of entertainment for the whole family. The best part? It’s free! Race cars and exotic cars will be on display, and professional drivers will be present to speak to race enthusiasts and to sign autographs. The public can test out their skills with free racing simulators located at Covina and 2nd Street, and motorcycle stunt drivers will be performing throughout the evening. It’s not exactly the weekend, but it’s Hump Day; the end of Hump Day, in fact. So it’s practically Thursday, which is almost the weekend. That makes it a great opportunity to stroll around 2nd Street, have some snacks and adult beverages, and get you geared up (sorry, you know I love a bad pun) for the races…