Knot It!


I feel lit’s always best to have a little snack every now & then when we’re having adult beverages. One thing I love is a soft pretzel. That soft, fluffy dough enveloped in a crisp, salty crust. Usually served with some kind of dipping accoutrement. Guess what? Today is National Pretzel Day! If you’re out and about today, wondering what to snack on, why not stop in and get yourself a tasty pretzel? Riley’s makes a killer German-style soft pretzel twist, served with beer cheese (God, yes!) and Bavarian mustard. It’s even big enough to share. Brix has a yummy homemade pretzel stick, served with a jalapeño-honey mustard. If you prefer the crunchy kind, Quinn’s offers complimentary mini pretzel twists. People say that bars serve salty snacks because they make you thirsty, and it will get you to drink more beer. IDK who these people are, but they say it like it’s a negative thing…





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