Litter Gitter


Ugh! Don’t you hate it when you’re at the beach or the park and you see trash laying around? It’s ugly, and unhealthy. And if it gets into our waters, it can have a huge impact on marine wildlife. Well, it’s easy to help, especially through the City of Long Beach’s Litter Free Long Beach program. It’s been designed to expand awareness of the impacts of litter, build community pride, and develop support and participation in keeping  Long Beach litter-free. They have volunteer opportunities for clean ups, or they can assist you in organizing one of your own. Or what about those nasty cigarette butts you see laying around? Check out their Can Your Butts campaign. What really annoys me are those door hangers and flyers that seem to appear almost every morning. People neglect to remove them from their doors, and they end up flying around all over the yard and sidewalks. Well, they have a plan for that too! I ordered a free “No Advertisements” sign (it’s printed in both English and Spanish,) and it arrived within a couple of days. Simple steps can help our community become a cleaner, healthier place. I’m even thinking of ordering the door hangers for each of my neighbors…





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