It’s About Time


The first Stroll and Savor of the year is this week! I feel like it’s the kickoff to all of the Summer festivities that will be taking place in and around BS, and I’m so excited! If you don’t remember me telling you about this in the past (or if you still haven’t gone to one,) this event features tastings from more than 40 restaurants along 2nd Street. It takes place Wednesdays and Thursdays once a month from May through August from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m.  You can purchase a book of 12 tickets for only $10 bucks. This year, there are some locations that have started selling tickets in advance (Blue Windows, La Strada, Polly’s Coffee, Salon Soma, The Beach on 2nd, Sweet Jill’s Bakery, and Shore Business Center.) So if you’re out & about on 2nd Street earlier in the week, you can swing buy and pick up a book or two. There will be live entertainment (always a local LB performer or band,) and it’s a family-and-dog-friendly event. The sidewalks can get a little crowded, so Born Free Boutique has come up with the genius offer of free valet stroller parking by their shop on Park. It’s a great excuse to get out in the middle of the week, get in some walking, and take in some great people-watching, while enjoying many a couple adult beverages and tasty fare. The worst part is deciding what out of all the yumminess you want to eat…






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