Dry Docked


I enjoy being out on the water at any chance I can get, which is why I use the AquaLink as much as possible in the summer. It’s a great way to get to Alamitos Bay Landing, Shoreline Village, or even The Queen Mary. It only costs $5, and you get a nice little trip on the water. Oh yeah: they even have a bar. What better way to travel than cruising the bay, with the sun shining on you, and the breeze whipping through your hair, whilst enjoying a cold brew?! All I have to do is walk over to Belmont Pier, and wait for it to arrive. So, needless to say I was excited when their “season” started again last weekend. But my excitement was quickly dashed. Remember that bad weather we had back in January/February? Remember that damage that was done to the pier? Well, apparently, it is still too unstable for the AquaLink to dock there. LB Transit stated that it will be out of service at the pier for the entire 2017 season, but will be docking there again in 2018. ACK! I suppose I’ll just have to enjoy the water from ashore…








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